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Just Dance 4 Review (Wii)

An Elanor review, proudly assisted by her nephew, dancing Doctor Yokki

Just Dance IV is simply the best Just Dance game yet. With a fantastic mix of 44 songs of every genre and preferences and with all the old-favourite tunes and even better new ones this is a game for the family and friends which could be played just as well alone as at big dance parties.

The Song Selection is flawless. Just Dance IV has 44 songs for everyone to find their personal favourites. There are songs from the top of today’s charts like What makes you beautiful by One direction, Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera and On the floor by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. There are feel-good summer hits like We speak no Americano, Mr Saxobeat and Good Feeling by Flo Rida. There are even some old-time favourites like Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, The Final countdown by Europe and Superstition by Stevie Wonder and more. If even this is not good enough for you there some bizarre and fantastic pieces of music like Istanbul by They might be giants and Crucified by Army of lovers and many more!

The old features we loved in Just Dance II and later in Just Dance III are all kept as well. There are lots of songs with 4 different dance characters to choose from (dance crew mode) with choreography that’s even better than Just Dance III and is entertainment of the whole family. Duet mode, Mash-ups, Just sweat it and Adding points towards Mojo’s to unlock new songs and other rewards are still there. There are more mash-ups than before (with more than 40 of them) and Just sweat it has much more selections including options for workout sessions, personalised programs and even a calorie counter (finally)!

There are some exciting and absolutely new features to explore as well. There is now Battle mode with Dance-offs, so for the fans of the Mortal Combat and/or Guitar Hero, there is now a Dance equivalent in Just Dance IV. It is an entertaining and exhausting feature, but that’s probably exactly what you want in this mode. Every song has a personal chart for the top 5 best results for it (previous instalments had only the top one) and there are few alternative choreographies for the same song which you unlock with your mojo points (like for Umbrella by Rihanna where you have to dance to without or with the umbrella). There are individual achievements for each song as well, instead of overall ones.

Just Dance IV has another new feature and this is the Dancer Card which is the only let down for me from the whole game. The idea of having personalised profile is great (definitely not new and quite necessary) but the way this feature was executed in the game is not intuitive at all. In the preceding games all you had to do was to put your disc in your game console and start dancing. There is no difference in Just Dance IV, or you might think so only until you realize that you can’t play/dance with your own name (which used to be added once you choose your song before). There is no information about the fact that there are Dancer Cards to be used in the new version and instead of being the first thing that comes up (with short explanation) on the screen one have to go and search how to add a name in the game. This is not very intuitive, especially when you can’t wait to just play your new Just Dance IV game.

Overall the game is full of fantastic music, great choreography and features and is definitely the best so far.

9 dancing dudes out of 10

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