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Tiny Troopers Review (PC)

Since I saw the trailer for Tiny Troopers, I knew that I would like the game. It was just one of those relaxed games that you know you will have fun with.
The charm of the little characters was really addictive – reminding me of older times, playing games like Worms and Canon Fodder.

The controls of the game are pretty straight forward, making it an easy to play game. In addition to that you get a short tutorial that covers all the basics.

Music and animation are charming and inviting, quickly drawing you inside the action.

By the time I started playing, I was pretty excited and enjoying the game. Your campaign begins with two soldiers, and to start with they have basic equipment and a very simple mission – kill everything that moves!

What made it even more exciting was the fact that if a soldier dies in a campaign mission, it is dead and there is nothing you can do about it (or is it?). It made me quite careful when approaching enemies; being scared about my little guys was pretty real. I forgot to mention that, when you advance in the campaign, your soldiers go higher in rank and become stronger as characters, so avoiding death is important to progression too.

And then it happened … I died! I don’t know about you, but whenever I am playing cute looking games (like this one), I tend to get attached to my characters. I make little stories about their lives, their families and what they will do when they get back from the war. For me it just adds more fun to the game. Seeing one of my men die kind of lost it for me, having in mind that you cannot go back, restart the level or load the game (since there is no SAVE GAME option).

Well… since there was no other way to “resurrect” my Chief (the name of the soldier) I decided to delete my profile and start again. Later on I found out that if your soldiers die and you want to get away with that, you can pres ctrl+alt+del, go into Task manager and End task the game. This way, when you go back into the game you have not started the mission.

If we put all this aside and you are not a person that gets that attached to his characters, then that is not that bad a thing. I continued playing, advancing in the campaigns. Despite the heartache I felt for the loss of “Chief”, I was still having fun.

You get a huge variety of missions, such as destroying enemy vehicles, killing high ranking officers, saving hostages, keeping safe a crew of reporters and many more.

I almost managed to finish the game, but then I decided I am going to make another profile, so that a friend of mine could try the game (you can have many profiles, if I am not mistaken – up to 10). The moment I made the new profile, all my scores and mission advance was wiped clean. Annoying, very annoying! It was strange that I still had my old soldiers, being in a high rank and all, but my score was 0, and I had to start the campaign from the beginning.

Then I lost interest in the game … I am very sorry, I did enjoy it and I could see myself playing it over and over again in the future, but when something like that happens, you just lose your will to play it.

Overall Tiny Troopers has great potential but with some problems. I do hope they will be fixed in the future. Maybe they already have been. If so, stick another couple of points onto the score below. For me though, it has to be..

5 sad Troopers, grieving the loss of Chief out of 10

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