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Fart Cat Review (iOS)

Yes you read that right…Fart Cat.

Brought to you by Summer Camp Studios, this addition to the App Store is delightful toilet humour to keep the immature side of us very happy indeed.

So there is this cat who doesn’t like to be petted by it’s affectionate owner, but he’s too lazy to move, and instead wants fed. As often happens with my own cats, they will fart and it’ll smell so bad that I do actually move away. I’m not joking, this happens in my house. Meeko, our eldest, farts, and occasionally you see his nose twitching after he’s done one, and then he gets up and moves away. He can’t even stand his OWN farts!

Anyway, this cat has certain demands, and you must meet those demands for food. Feed the cat the specific food he wants until he’s had enough then press his belly to unleash a torrent of loud and smelly gas that’s enough to make it’s owner run from the nuclear biohazard. Kitty is happy again. However, the owner is persistent and so this goes on and on with levels getting harder as they go by, needing more food than before in order create his CAT-astrophic repelling gas. You see what I did there?

The controls are very simple. There will be a signpost with a number on it, you have to feed the kitty this number of food items before he can…unleash. The kitty will have a thought bubble showing you what kind of food it wants and along the bottom of the screen will be a selection of foods to pick from. You simply drag the matching food from the bottom of the screen to the kitty to feed it. If there is no current match then tap the tummy on the kitty and you’ll get a new range of food to pick from. You will from time to time see a Golden Mouse. Now kitty always has time to eat a golden mouse regardless of what else he’s thinking about. While all this is going on you will see the owners hand getting gradually closer to the kitty.

Feeding food will grant scores so you can replay level to beat previous scores should you wish.

Now, what better way to indulge in a bit of farting to make your own? Yes, the FartCraft mode allows you to add any number of foods in any order you like to make your own “Apocalypse Meow”, or “Frrrappjacks”

The sound effects…. now this is where this game has it’s magic. What is the point of a farting game if you’re going to play it on silent? You will experience a whole range of farting noises, from the fog horn, to the squeeking little parps. What do yours sound like, come on be honest? I’m more of a loud but no smell type of gal.

If you are in a serious mood, or in a serious meeting them perhaps this isn’t the thing to keep you busy. You may think it’s just childish nonsense. To those people I would say release your inner child, it’s purrrfectly ok to laugh at fart jokes! If you are in a daft silly mood this game will have you in tears. Accidentally letting rip in a quiet office will no doubt cause a few giggles here and there. Playing this on the train is also very amusing, more for the reaction of other people than the game itself.

Fart Cat isn’t the most challenging game, it might only keep you busy for a short time, but, just like a jolly good fart, there will always be that urge…

6 cat-astrophically bad puns out of 10

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