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Endless Space Review (PC)

Guest reviewer Nikola takes to the stars…

If Tom asked me to describe Endless Space in just a few words, I would tell him to think about a fusion between Sid Meier’s Civilization and Star Craft! Endless Space is a turn-based game, taking place in the future where you are taking the role of an intergalactic ruler.

In Endless Space, when you start a new game you are given the chance to choose between nine different races (United Empire, Sophons, Hissho, Amoeba, Sheredyn, Cravers, Horatio, Sowers and Pilgrims), each one with its individual aims, advantages and disadvantages. I was really impressed by how much information was given for each different nation and I found it really interesting just to sit and read each one individually. I found reading these things and preparing for the game to be a good experience, because usually I would rush ahead and dive straight into the game.

As I said, each nation that you can choose has its own goals, such as being interested primarily in researching new technologies, discovering new words, attacking and destroying planets or fighting for resources (or as it’s called, Dust).

Each different nation had some special attributes such as brave warriors that will never run away in battle, isolation shields, robotics or negative qualities to their nations such as weak warriors, unskilled builders, etc.

The music was really nice and relaxing. I cannot say it was something special, but it was pleasing and never got annoying even during long play sessions. The visuals meanwhile were good, so all in all the game gives a good first impression before you even start playing.

When I started a new game I had no idea how to control anything, so was hoping that there are going to be tutorials and there were indeed. Although the tutorials were quite good at explaining all the different menus and activities that you can use throughout the game, soon after the tutorials were over you will still feel a little lost because of the huge scope of the game.

Amplitude have made a solid, modern 4X space strategy game. The chances are that if you know and love games like Civ and Masters of Orion then this is a game for you. It’s a modern interpretation and as such has some pretty visuals and is well polished, but the core gameplay is very similar to those classics. These games are divisive, some love them while others just can’t get into them. I admit that I fall into the latter camp, but I still had fun with this. Crucially, I know that this is a game that some will lose hours, days, weeks and months too, while others will go further and this game will be the only thing they will ever play.

8 turns-of-fun out of 10

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