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Tiny Owls Review (iOS)

Mama owl needs to round up her kids, and by Mama owl I mean YOU!

This colourful adventure from Games2be sees you flying around each level gathering up your tiny owls and then escorting them to safety. Tilt controls are what rule this game so you need a steady hand as your wings are very fragile and will break if you touch any walls and other obstacles including the wildlife. You have three lives per level, which reset at the start of each level.

To start you simply touch the touch screen to lift off, and if you want to float down a little simply let go of the touch screen and your owl will fall gently. To catch one of the tiny owls you simply fly near it; you don’t even have to fly over it, you just fly near enough and it will start to follow you. Such simple controls really allow you to see the beauty in this game, the graphics (both foreground and background) and music are wonderful.

You can land on another piece of ground without any damage, and this is quite handy if you’ve just navigated through a tunnel and need to breathe. Oh come on, everyone holds their breath during intense moments in games, don’t deny it! And as light and cheery as this game is there will be those moments.

The number of tiny owls to save will vary from level to level, and thankfully if you do happen to break your wings when you re-spawn you will still have the tiny owls you have already saved, albeit you’ll be 1 life down. Extra lives can be found on some levels if you dare risk flying into the dangerous places that they lurk.

Your tiny owl counter is displayed at the top so you’ll always know if you’re missing one. Once you have collected all your tiny owls, you’ll get a message saying the exit has opened and a chime will play to signal all you need to do is make it safely to the exit with your younglings.

Being so simply to play does not mean this game is without is challenges. Can you combine the right combination of tilt with the movement of the owl to navigate small passages? You will often make silly mistakes, which may frustrate some people but I just couldn’t get angry with this game. I’d say this was ideal for adults and children alike.

Tiny Owls is great for just a quick game session, and is often addicting fun, just one more level right? Like we’ve never heard that before! Best of all, it has simply stunning graphics, especially on the big screen of the iPad. Gorgeous and cute at the same time with over 60 levels to keep you busy it’s an absolute bargain and a must have!

8 Howls of Owl joy out of 10

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