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Preview Play Denki’s new title “Save the Day”

Denki have made some of the most innovative and engaging mobile games in the past five years, and they don’t look like they’ll stop any time soon. As a Scottish company and therefore a neighbour of CalmDownTom, we are delighted to be amongst the first to tell you about there next exciting project!
Here’s what they have lined up for us now:

Tomorrow we will be launching the preview play for our new game Save The Day (STD, yes we are referring to it as that!). We’re opening up our development process and making it visible. We will allow players total access to early development versions and iterating the game live. Why you ask? Well because our players are valuable to us. Our plan is to use player insight, feedback and early engagement to shape the game.

So what is STD?

Save The Day is a fast and furious Save ‘Em Up, a very Denki cocktail of arcade action and satisfying snack play. Extinguish the fires, blast through rubble and rescue the villagers before sundown.

The game can be played by going to

We also have a facebook page

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