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Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader Review (PC)

Hello once again everyone here at Calm Down Tom, Shaun Meyers(Kyo Akiara) here to bring you my latest review of indie turn based strategy game Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader.

Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader is created by Legendo Entertainment, an Inidie game studio originally founded in 1996 as Iridon Interactive and creators of games like Dink Smallwood, and The Three Musketeers One For All. They now bring you a Turn-Based Strategy game with many unique features and a unique art style.

The game plays out in turns where you move your personal ship around each map in a certain amount of spaces until you run out of spaces to move. The game offers a trading system in which you make money by going from port to port trading either Fruit, Spices or Tea and buying low and selling high. This is the game plan that allows you to make the most amount of money to upgrade your ship and battle cards.

Battles play out like a card battle system using rock paper scissors mechanics using 3 separate cards for each player, and each one has a strength and weakness against each card, for example like cannons being stronger than a wave against a leviathan. There are a number of difficulty levels to choose from, each having 3 separate maps offering different quests and goals.

The difficulties are Journeyman Expedition, Adventurer Expedition, Legendary Expedition and Custom Expedition, in which you can create your own. As mentioned there are also 3 map types to choose from and each offers different quests and a main goal. These maps are Spice Lagoon, Quest Chaser and End of the World for Journeyman. The maps for Adventurer difficulty are, Monster Hunters, Clear Waters, and Pickup Frenzy. Finally the Legendary difficulty maps include, Trial by Fire, Monsters of the Depths and Two Worlds. Custom Expeditions allow you to create your own games using a number of different settings, from overall difficulty, number of cpu players, which map you’d like to play and the overall objective of the expedition.

The art style is probably my favorite part to this game as it uses an old school map layout like they used during the medieval and Renaissance era, I’ve always been more of a fan of artistic style graphics rather than super realistic and this game does an incredibly job in this department. There are a number of enemies to face within the game as well ranging from giant whales to the mighty kraken. The cpu players are also your enemy and can attack your ship as well. During each map you compete with the many cpu players to complete the main objective. Completing the main objective wins you the game but if the enemy completes this objective before you then you lose. 

There are a number of upgrades for your ship that you are able to purchase throughout the game, ranging from battle card upgrades, cargo hold upgrades and defensive upgrades. Aside from offering an incredibly fun single player experience the game also offers a Hot Seat PvP option for those that would like to compete with other players.

Overall the game is incredibly fun to play and I highly recommend to any fan of the turn based strategy game genre and any fan of indie games.

9 dirty deals out of 10

Shaun Meyers(Kyo Akiara) Out!

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