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You should have played… AudioSurf

Hello once again everybody here at Calm Down Tom! Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here to bring you my first article in this series of You Should Have Played and I had to choose one of my all time favorite music/puzzle games: Audiosurf.

Now I’l be completely honest and say Audisurf is easily one of my all time favorite puzzle games tied with Dr. Mario for first. Audiosurf is a Music/Puzzle indie game with a wide variety of features and play styles to choose from. The game features a unique take on the music genre as it combines a music based game like Rock Band with a Puzzle game collecting blocks or cars (they are blocks but the game calls them cars) and an on rails racing game with a unique twist. While you can use the in-game music the real fun is the ability to use your own mp3’s to play the game. The experience of playing with your own favourite songs is unmatched.

There are a wide array of characters or ships to play as and each one plays entirely different from the others. There are also 3 difficulty levels and a Ironmode to make the game even more difficult. The difficulty levels are Casual, Pro and Elite and each difficulty has a number of characters to play as. In the Casual difficulty you have Mono, Pointman and Double Vision. Mono is the easiest to play with as you only have to dodge greys and pick up any colored blocks you find on the track. Pointman is a bit different. This character allows you to pick up colored blocks to use at a later time to get more points from matching sets. Finally Double Vision allows you to control 2 vehicles at once, or you can play with a friend at the same time. This is the most difficult in Casual mode.

Pro mode changes things up with difficulty and track layout. There are a lot more blocks to avoid and pickup as well as a more diverse track setup, more winding tracks and at points the track goes sideways to make things more difficult. Pro mode characters are Mono Pro, Vegas, Eraser, Pointman Pro, Pusher and DV Pro. Vegas allows you to shuffle the board of pickups to gain more powerups. Eraser allows you to erase blocks you may have accidentally picked up. Pusher allows you to push blocks to the left or right. Pro mode also add new abilities to Mono and Pointman modes. In Mono you are able to widen your pickup range by clicking the left mouse button or to jump over blocks with the right mouse button. Elite Mode Makes things much more difficult, with a smaller track to manoeuvre in and a larger number of grey blocks. This mode requires a bit more skill.

Finally, the Elite characters are Ninja Mono, Eraser Elite, Pointman Elite, Pusher Elite, and DV Elite. Elite mode adds new features to the characters as well. Ninja Mono allows you to use shurikens to delete any greys you may have picked up and allows you to widen your pickup range. There is also a Free-ride mode that allows you to play through a song to enjoy the scenery of the game. The game also features a ranking board to compete against other people on the songs you play. 

Overall Audiosurf is an amazing game (I hope an Audiosurf 2 is released at some point, please!). I can’t recommend the game highly enough, it’s one of the few games I’ll probably still be playing even when I’m an eventual old man. You can pick this amazing game up on Steam for only 10 dollars, a steal for such an amazingly fun game and you won’t regret it!

That concludes the article folks! I hope this article has shown some insight into this amazingly fun game, thanks for reading everyone and happy gaming!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) Out!

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