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Top 5 Game Trailers worse than Hitman: Absolution’s

So you’ve all seen that Hitman: Absolution trailer right? Although the internet exploded in condemnation, I don’t think its the worst thing I’ve ever seen. For more on that, read this.

Pretty bad right? No? Well agree or not, here are 5 trailers that are just as bad if not worse:

5. Catherine
Oh God, this game looks amazing! Gorgeous visuals, a strange disturbing adult theme and a game that tackles issues we have never seen addressed before. Infidelity, lust and love all seem to be tackled in a mature and interesting way in this title. It must be an RPG, dating sim and narrative adventure all rolled into one to tackle so many themes, right? Wrong. While the story may be intriguing the trailer shows almost nothing of what most of the game involves: pushing blocks around. Catherine’s gameplay is 90% puzzles. The trailer doesn’t show this at all, so while it may not be terrible, it certainly is deeply misleading.

4. Illbleed 2
What is this? Death is my final answer? Techno music? I’ll vomit? I’ll…. wait, what? Actually, maybe this isn’t terrible. Maybe its amazing! No wait, its terrible.

3. Duke Nukem Trilogy
This is a real trailer. Its not made by a twelve year old with the free video editing software built into Windows (95). Can you imagine an audiences reaction to this? It gets so sad and desperate half way through that I can hardly continue watching it. I feel embarrassed for you Duke, in so many ways.

2. Starfront Collision
Its NOT Starcraft. No-sir-ree. Nope. This is a totally original game. This trailer is for a completely original game thats nothing to do with Blizzard. Check out the unique character designs.

If Blizzard hadn’t so shamelessly ripped off Games Workshop and Warhammer 40K this would be even worse. As it is, its just kind of pathetic.

1. Guardians of Middle Earth
Wow, talk about timely. In the middle of making this list I came across this trailer. Missing the point of the Tolkein books entirely, shitting all over the franchise and making a mockery of everything the series is about. Rarely have I seen a trailer so misjudged. Its all bad, but at the point that Gandalf speaks it gets even worse. What were they thinking?

So what do you think? Can you come up with worse trailers than these. Let us know below!

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