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Should I be excited about… Heroes of Ruin (3DS)

Yesterday Nintendo released the Heroes of Ruin demo in Europe through the Nintendo 3DS E-Shop. I placed my pre-order for this title about a month ago after seeing 1 trailer. 1 single trailer.

I was so excited to hear a demo was coming out but then I thought, “what if I don’t like the demo?”. What if due to the demo I cancel my pre-order? What if this turns out to be a brilliant game and I didn’t get it? I don’t doubt that there are many great games out there I have never tried. I had to bite the bullet though as these games aren’t cheap.

The thing about demos available through the Nintendo E-Shop is that they are limited use, or rather limited launch demos. Most of the demos I have tried have had the limit set at 30. You can launch this demo 30 times then thats it, you have to make your decision. Heroes of Ruin limits launches to 6. My strategy was just to not shut down the game until I was completely satisfied I got the most out of my session. Perhaps limiting demo launches is a good thing.

If you don’t know anything about Heroes of Ruin let me tell you. It’s gonna be massive! I don’t mean massive as in famous, though I certainly hope it does get there. I mean massive content wise. In fact, Heroes of Ruin will contain new daily content (I am not yet sure how this will be delivered).

Heroes of Ruin is an RPG and can be played as single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer. Quest driven, levelling up, item drops, stat weights, just as you would expect. The story is simple: the ruler of Nexus has been inflicted with a curse and you and your other mercenaries must find the cure.

When first starting the demo you can choose only 2 of the 4 available classes. Vindicator and Gunslinger are available in the demo, but you’ll have to wait for trelease to check out the Alchitect, and Savage. Strangely enough the default play mode when starting is online multiplayer. I’ve yet to give this a shot and instead opted to try both classes in single player mode first.

The vindicator is a strong smashy smashy big sword class which I really enjoyed playing, though I found he took a lot of damage, thankfully health pots are not on cooldowns! I initially wasn’t going to bother with the gunslinger but since I finished the single player demo for the vindicator I though I’d have the time to try it out. Gunslinger is now my new favourite! Pew Pew!

I can’t wait to try out the other classes but for now I must make do with the countless gameplay trailers out there, and of course trying out the online multiplayer mode of the demo.

Controls and combat are really straightforward, utilising all of the buttons the 3DS has to offer. I didn’t find any of the controls clunky or awkward to perform. Kid Icarus Uprising was guilty of being awkward for the first 20 mins until you got the hang of things but Heroes of Ruin is just effortless which lets you focus on the destruction of evil.
Heroes of Ruin will benefit from StreetPass and SpotPass allowing players to trade items.

All in all I am very excited about this game and so pleased that the demo was released. I am looking forward more and more to the day I can get my paws on this game.. Then you might not hear from me for a while.

Heroes of Ruin will be available in Europe from June 15th.

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