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Crusader Kings II: The Sword of Islam Review (PC)

Hello there once again everyone here at Calm Down Tom! I’m here to bring you my latest review for the DLC Expansion The Sword of Islam for Crusader Kings 2. You may all remember my in-depth look into Crusader Kings 2 that i wrote quite a few months ago and how good and difficult a game it truly is, and admittedly I’m still terrible at it but as they say practice makes perfect, so on to the review!

Crusader Kings II: The Sword of Islam is an Expansion DLC that adds a wide breadth of new content in the form of an entirely new area to the map along with well over 100 historic rulers who once ruled these provinces in ancient times. This number is just an estimate as there’s no way I’m counting all of the new ones, but there is a very large amount of them. There are also a very large amount of new provinces to play as as well all the lands of Persia Counties and provinces including: Baghdad, Amman, Mecca, Mahra, Edessa, and Duqm to name but a few.

The Expansion also adds more than 20 new features to the game as well as a newly balanced Greed vs. Nobility system, along with the new Muslim Dynasty Decadence System as well as a large amount of new titles to grant your vassals. These include: Beylik of Semarra moa. The Expansion also adds Polygamy allowing up to four wives for Muslim rulers as well as a number of story events starting in the year 100 such as The Harem, Shia vs. Sunni, Sufi mystics, Dervishes, The Assassin’s, and Sharia to name a few.

Finally the expansion adds a number of new combat revisions with all new Commander traits for more in-depth combat tactics. Being as terrible at this game as I am I still enjoyed the Expansion pack quite a bit and it adds a wide range of new features to an already amazing game. I also had the pleasure of play testing the Mongols DLC as well, which adds a number of unique face combinations for male and female rulers as well as 7 new unit sprites including Archers, Horse Archers, Heavy Infantry, Pikemen, Light Infantry, Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry to the game.






Overall the expansion is a great addition to this great game and is definitely recommended to those that want to add even more hours to their play time. Its good value too at $10 on Steam.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope this has shed some insight on this great Expansion

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) Out!

8 Mongol hordes hoarding boards out of 10

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