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Links of the Day 23rd May 2012

The servers may let you log in now, but I still experieince the occasional lag and randomly get booted from games. Singleplayer games. I think these are still justified:

My Monk got Nerfed:
Runes too strong!

You can play From Dust in Chrome:
Its not bad!

This Far Cry 3 footage makes me think I will like it more than 1 or 2

I like Saints Row the 3rd and defend it a lot, but this looks really dull and doesn’t help my case. Penthouse models, no new content or gameplay and nothing to get excited about. They run the risk of becoming what they have parodied.

You may have also noticed the site looks totally different, and hopefully awesome! It was a lot of work, but we need to keep imporving. Leave your comments and suggestions below!

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