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*Sponsored Feature* Freewheelin

Are you stuck on a long boring car journey? Does traffic stretch over the horizon as you contemplate how beautiful an open road can be? Do gridlocked town centres and road tolls and traffic signals make you wish you could get away from it all and just roll your way to freedom? Freewheelin is the answer! Its time to dust off your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android and get away from the monotony of modern travel and download here.

Freewheelin is an iOS and Android game where you take the role of a tyre rolling along an endless road. The road isn’t empty though, there are obstacles in your way and quick reactions and forward thinking will be required to overcome them.

At the beginning of each game you have to rev up your little tyre. Running your finger across the wheel to speed it up, the countdown begins and when it ends you rocket off! Control of your tyre is via tilt, and this means you are turning your device left and right like a steering wheel which makes a lot of sense when you think about the theme of the game. A large part of the challenge is keeping your speed up. A rolling tyre gathers no moss, but one that stops tends to fall over completely so you’ll need to be quick if you’re going to beat any high scores.

The game is fundamentally a score attack and you will be compulsively trying to beat your last effort each time you start again. Each play session is short so its ideally suited to quick games. Its a great way to kill time while you’re waiting in queues or for your food to arrive…. or for your tyres to be changed.

As you go you’ll collect bolts and avoid obstacles while looking out for the little turbo pads on the ground. Hitting these is key to success as there are often jumps and ramps that you will need to hit to progress. Along the way you’ll also find power ups to help you. One of my favourites pumped my tyre up so it was wider and felt more stable and solid.

The game has a bright and colourful aesthetic and uses chunky polygonal graphics that are reminiscent of classic games. Its a look that’s attractive to older gamers who remember classic N64 titles while its also vivid and intense enough to make children want to play too.

Overall Freewheelin is a great title to remind you why an open road and a blue sky – though often rare – can still be beautiful. Download it now.

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