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Slot Racing HD Review (iOS)

Slot Racing HD is Scalextrix for the iPad, so if you liked that, it’s probably likely that you enjoy this app, but how long will it keep you entertained for?

As you would expect with most racers you pick your car, pick your track and off you go. The selection of only 7 cars is a little disappointing as is the 7 tracks which are available, though it does show 2 other tracks available as “coming soon”. Right away I was a bit disappointed at the low selection.  All cars and tracks are available from the start though. Perhaps it wouldn’t feel so bad if you had to unlock cars and tracks. There doesn’t seem much incentive to play for very long as there is nothing really to gain from doing so.

The tracks range from the simple to fairly snakey (is that even a word? It is now I’ve made it up!). You can choose from 5 laps up to 25 laps, though I think 25 laps of any of the tracks would get boring very quickly.

Controls are simple; you have a button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen that you press and hold to go.  Naturally going too fast will cause your car to fall off the tracks at which point you simply tap on your car to put it back on track and carry on. First one to complete the designated number of laps wins and that’s it. Really, that’s it.

On aspect I did enjoy was the music. It was the only thing that brought the game to life for me. The graphics are nice and shiny too.

For single player (vs CPU) this game lacks interest in my opinion, however there is a 2 player mode where you can battle against a friend. Sitting at either side of the iPad, finger poised and ready when the green lights go out.

I think if I were going to play a Scalextric game I’d build up the real thing. I mean wasn’t that about 90% of the fun building the track, the loops, the crossovers, taking up the entire living room floor much to the annoyance of your mother? Your dad secretly loved it.

This game has potential. Perhaps if they make some cars and tracks unlockable so you have a reason to keep playing, but overall this was a bit of a disappointment. Installed, launched and 1 game played in less than 5 minutes with no desire to return. Perhaps you have will a nostalgic bone in your body that might add a little more time before it gets deleted again but I’ve had bars of chocolate hold my attention for longer than this game has… and trust me, chocolate bars don’t last long when I’m around.

3 bedroom racers, forever alone out of 10

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