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Pizza vs Skeletons Review (iOS)

Pizza vs Skeletons is a bizarre but brilliant game where you are a giant pizza and you’re job is to crush skeletons, save the puppies and embark on various other adventures. That’s one talented pizza! I mean who doesn’t like pizza right? Unless you’re my dad who is allergic to cheese; my heart goes out to you daddy.

At the start of each level you are given a simply diagram explaining the gameplay for that particular level and also explaining any controls that are used. You can simply tilt the iPhone to move your pizza, you can tap to jump and you can tap while in the air to slam your pizza back to the ground crushing things beneath you. This game is so simple to play and that gives you the opportunity to enjoy what you’re actually doing and take in all the detail of your pizza… your customisable pizza!

Yup like in the real world you can change the appearance of your pizza at the cost of coins which you earn during your adventures. I found coin earning to be a little slow, but then I was rather unlucky with the Wheel Of Pizza spin at the end of each level.  he Wheel Of Pizza is another opportunity to gain more coins Wheel Of Fortune style, but tastier!

Customisation comes in the form of changing your cheese and crust and your toppings (hmmmm meat!). Of course your pizza has a face so you can change your eyes, mouth and clothing accessories. Yup, put a Top Hat on my pizza please, or devil horns if you prefer. There’s even the promise of more customisation available in the future given by the “More coming soon” at the bottom of each category.

Integrated sharing with Facebook and Twitter allows you to put a snazzy background with your newly decked out Pizza and take a snapshot to upload and show the world. There’s Game Centre support for high scores and achievements to share and compete with friends too.

So back to the levels; you start off with simply crushing skeletons either by rolling into them or smashing down upon them, dependant on which way they are holding their spear. Some creatures will need to be overturned before you can crush them. Other levels ask you take out as many skulls in 60 seconds as you can, rolling down the hills to collect coins, crushing skeletons along the way and jumping to avoid the canyons. And then there’s the saving puppies… yes that’s what I said! You have to free the puppies from their cages and bring them back to their kennel. Some more taxing levels have you rolling on top of a rolling skull for the entire level, which takes some tilting practice. Believe it or not that’s not even all of it. There are other challenges, but I’ll let them be a suprise for you.

This game is great fun and there is plenty to keep you playing. The graphics are fantastic and it’s a bargain buy in my opinion!

8 peperoni and peppers pizzas (the best topping combo) out of 10

Article by Fiona Cassidy

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