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The best Freeware, Abandonware and other free games from across the internet Week 2!!

Welcome to the Wonderful world of Freeware, Abandonware and other free games from across the internet!

Hello out there everyone, Shaun Meyers here for week 2 of my weekly look into the Freeware, Abandonware and other free games from across the net. This week we’ll be taking a look at another type of game which are Flash Games. Flash Games are those that you can play in your browser, and no I won’t be looking at Facebook games, but some of the best Flash Games that I can find. First up we’ll be taking a look at more Freeware Games.

Freeware Games!

1. The first game I looked at for this article is one I found immensely fun, and that’s Ballman Planets. The game is a direct homage to Pacman, featuring full 3D graphics and a large number of planets to explore and collect dots. Its created by Code Vikings and comes complete with everything you’d expect from Pacman in a very detailed world. Each planet has a very different themes like graveyards and forests. The game uses the mouse to control Ballman around the various planets, where you must collect each ball on the planet while avoiding the ghosts. I highly recommend the game to anyone who enjoys Pacman and classic games in general. You can find this game here:

2. The second game I tested was a Japanese Side-Scrolling Shooter called Cloud Phobia. The game is a 2D side scrolling shooter much like Gradius the only difference is you pilot a giant mech and must protect the mothership from damage while fighting the enemy. Combat is fast paced and very fun. The game looks great and plays just as well. I recommend this game to anyone that enjoys fast paced Side-Scrolling games or is a fan of games like Gradius. You can find this game here:

3. The next freeware game I will be telling you about is a Remake of the first game in one of my all time favorite series of games and that game is FreeCiv. FreeCiv is a remake of Civilization that keeps the same fundamental principles of the original while adding a plethora of new features that weren’t in the game, such as the ability to play on a LAN. The game’s features include up to 126 players, Internet and LAN Multiplayer, a range of premade maps and Scenarios and more than 50 playable units and far beyond 100 playable nations, Modpack Support, an in-game help system and even a range of different languages. I recommend the game to anyone that loves Civilization games or strategy games in general. You can find this game here:

4. The fourth game on this list is a 2D action game similar to The Legend of Zelda called The Guardian of Paradise. The game is incredibly well made and very enjoyable. You play as Tela, a boy who’s sister is sick with an unknown disease that can’t be cured. He sets out on a journey to find the only thing that can help; the Tears of the Holy Tree which are said to cure any illness. I enjoyed the game quite a bit and is reminiscent of many games from the classic days of the Super Nintendo. I highly recommend the game to anyone that enjoys classic action RPG’s or fans of The Legend of Zelda. You can find the game here:

5. The fifth and final game this week in the freeware section is a game called The White Chamber. This game is a 2D anime styled point and click visual and psychological horror game. Created by Trophis Studios who are now no more, the story follows a young girl who awakes to find herself trapped in what seems to be a space station-like area. Not knowing where she is or who put her there she must uncover the secrets within this demented place she’s found herself in. The game features hand drawn opening and ending animated cutscenes, English or German voice acting, a twisting and mysterious storyline about obsession, murder and redemption, eight separate endings and hidden easter eggs and game text in various languages. I recommend the game to anyone that enjoys old school style point and click adventure games with horror twists. You can find the game here:

Abandonware games!

1. The first abandonware game I will be looking at is a game called Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain which is a Top-Down view RPG set in the world of Nosgoth. Originally released in 1996 on PSone and in 1997 on PC and created by Silicon Knights, the games storyline follows Kain who is a Vampire. Throughout the game you acquire multiple forms such as werewolf (which increases strength and speed) Bat (instant travel to other locations) Myst (which allows you to pass through solid objects) and Nobleman (which can fool enemies and townspeople into talking to you). There are many different weapons and armor to find within the game and each weapon has it’s advantages and disadvantages, for example dual battle axes are unable to use magic and items. Magic within the game can be used as a spell or items and are hidden throughout the game. There are 13 spells in total in the game and to replenish character mana there are numerous colored orbs throughout the game world. I recommend the game to anyone that enjoys Classic top down RPG’s like myself. You can find the game here:

2.The second game in this section is Wipeout XL or Wipeout 2097. Created by Psygnosis and released in 1996 on PlayStation one and released on pc in 1997, Wipeout is a high speed racing game much like the F-Zero games. Wipeout 2097 differs from it’s previous game in the range of weapons to take out or temporarily disable your opponents to reach the finish line first. The goal of the game is to complete various and increasingly difficult challenges in order to move to the next one. There are 4 stages in all, Vector, Venom, Rapier and Phantom and the number of laps increases each level you complete as well. You can find this game here:

3. The third game on the list has been one of my personal favourite games for a long time and that’s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. This game is a first person shooter where you may have guess hunt dinosaurs. You play as Turok, a Native American time traveling warrior whos powers are passed down through every generation to the eldest male. Turok’s mission is to ultimately protect the barrier between earth and the lost land. Your main goal in Turok Dinosaur hunter is to defeat the Campaigner before he gets the Chronoscepter. I’ve always greatly enjoyed the original Turok games (well Turok 1 and 2) and I hated the new Turok they released in 2009. You can find this great game here:

4. The fourth game I will mention to you is one I’m sure a great many people have played in an arcade and that’s The House of the Dead. Created by Wow Entertainment and published by Sega and released in 1997 in arcades. The House of the Dead is an on rails light gun game, on PC you use your mouse. The main task of the game is to shoot and kill incoming enemies at certain points throughout the game there are various actions you can take or not take that has an affect on the direction the game plays out. I recommend this game to just about anyone, as a lot of people have played it in an arcade at some point. You can find this game here:

5. The final game for this section is Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo! Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo is a 2D fighting game created by Capcom and originally released in 1994. The game introduced Super Combo’s Air Combo’s. The game allows you to play as versions of the original Street Fighter 2 by inputing a code and each version has it’s benefits and disadvantages. The character Akuma (or Gouki in japan) is introduced in this version as well. You can find this game here:

For some of these Abandonware Games you may need an MSDOS Emulator which you can find here:

Now for the newest section in this article! Flash games ahoy!! This section will be looking at a number of flash games out there on the internet, ranging from single player to massively multiplayer. Flash games are any game that requires Adobe Flash Player to play a game within your browser; perfect for when your bored of listening to your nagging boss at work and need a break to tune him out.

Flash Games!

1. The first game in this section is a game I think alot of you will enjoy and that’s Super Mario Crossover! Super Mario Crossover is a game that allows you to play all the original Super Mario Brothers levels not only as mario but as some of the NES’ most iconic characters such as Link from The Legend of Zelda, Bill R. from Contra, Simon, Samus Aran from Metroid and Megaman. Each character in this game controls exactly how they do in their original game, including their iconic music as well. This game is pretty awesome and makes for some very memorable playthroughs of the original Super Mario Brothers Levels. You can play this game here:

Another game I’d like to mention from this website is called Tuper Tario Tros which combines Tetris gameplay with Mario gameplay. In order to switch between the two modes you switch back and forth between the two games to clear a path for mario you press the spacebar. You can play this game as well as many other games here:

2. The second game on this list is immensely fun and a great way to immitate hitting the people you hate the most. This game is called Combo Factory. It’s a stick figure fighting game where ragdoll physics are name of the game. The goal is to rack up as many combos as possible on the many stick figures that try to beat you to death. There are various game modes as well as achievements to unlock, including a sandbox mode. You can play this game here:

Another game I found vastly amusing is a game called wpnFire. in this game you must shoot and kill all the enemy stick figures. It plays a lot like contra only bloodier and brutal. You can play this game here:

3. The third browser game I took a look at is an MMO or a Massively Multiplayer Online game. The game is Drakensang Online. Drakensang is a game based on the Northlands Trilogy of books and the Drakensang PC games. The game itself is beautifully rendered with incredibly Special Effects and might be the single nicest looking Browser game I’ve played. There are 3 classes to choose from right now: Dragonknight, Ranger and Spellweaver with more classes coming soon. There are many many quests to complete and enemies to fight, and a vast world to explore. The game is a great browser game and I highly recommend it. You can play this game here:

Another game I’d like to recommend to you that’s also made by Bigpoint games is Battlestar Galactica Online. Based on the TV series (which I’m not a fan of myself), this game is a Sci Fi action Space Sim which means you pilot a spaceship as you dogfight in space. I’m a pretty big fan of Action Space Sims myself and it’s quite impressive what can be done in a browser. You can play this game here:

4. The Next game on the list is a game called The Last Stand: Union City. Created by Con Artists and Armor Games, this game is a Side Scrolling Zombie Apocalypse RPG. It has a plethora of weapons to use on the zombies you come across, as well as a number of different skills to level up. The game also has a number of achievements and badges to earn as you play it. You can play this game here:

5. The fifth and final browser game this week is a shooter called BeGone. BeGone is a shooter that is more casual in nature and is made for quick burst gameplay, which is great if you have only a short amount of time to kill but want to blow off some steam. You can play this game here:

That wraps up this weeks article folks! Hope you enjoyed the article and you enjoy the games listed here as well. Join in next week for a new set of games along with more from the categories listed here! Thanks for reading!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) Out.

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