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Red Crow Mysteries: Legion Review (PC)

Another great review from Elfa!

You have a gift. A very powerful gift that could save the world! A gift that means that you could be the only hope of the humanity to be saved from Hell…. and your nemesis is called Legion!

Not a bad set up for adventure filled game. Or is it….?

In order for you to be strong enough to face Legion in the last battle you need to be tested. If you think about it everything in the game – a mighty gift and battles with a really bad and powerful enemy – there should be no problem to come up with interesting tasks, stories, battles and generally something to show you how mighty you are. You would be wrong…

The game is a bog standard “find a hidden object” game with some puzzles to solve and some bonus finds to make. The plot is quite linear and you can not deviate in any way from it.

You do meet your nemesis Legion and he even tries to convince you to abandon your test (although if you want to try that just to see what will happen, there is no option for you to do it!). He looks like an average Joe and is in no way showing his great power. I found it a big strange that the dialogue with him is voice only on his part and you have to read yours. The designers probably thought that this may add to the immersion in the character… maybe …if you read your part of the dialogue aloud. Making you a Gordon Freeman seems misplaced in this type of game. There is absolutely no way to vary the dialogue (to choose what you are going to say) – it literary is: he talks, the you read your part and click on it and then he talks again and so on….. BOOOORIIIING!!

The puzzles were OK although there were a couple of times that I was really disappointed – once I found two identical(!) puzzles and many more were very similar.

The graphics were OK, although I found it a bit bizarre that there was one room for example that had different graphics; more blurred and with duller colours, like they didn’t have time to finish its graphics properly.

Overall, Red Crow Mysteries is not a bad game to waste a couple of hours (that is just about the time it took me to finish the game) but it is not great either…

Play it if you like that sort of games but don’t expect to be blown away or challenged in any great way.

5 mute lead characters out of 10

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