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Police Force Review (PC)

I want to first and foremost tell you that I did not spend the whole game handcuffing and pepper-spraying random people, noooooo sir, not me….Moving on….

Excalibur Publishing have silmulation games for everything! Friends of mine have worked on Ship Yards, on Dump Trucks, I’ve been a farmer and now it’s my turn to be a police officer. Oh and that’s Constable Eresin to you!

Police Force takes you to the streets where you start at the bottom and must complete missions, patrols and answer emergencies in order to move up the ranks.

You and your (rather useless) partner patrol the streets of Germany keeping a watchful eye out while using your PDA to scan people and cars to see if they are on the ‘wanted’ list. You will get jobs to do while out on patrol and you can go on foot or jump in a car to do them. You’ll get the occasional emergency call to go and investigate during your patrol too. Patrols last about 30 minutes.

I can’t believe cops work for 30 minutes then get a donut break. I mean I can only pepperspray so many people in 30 minutes… imagine if I had a whole hour! No…I do not do that of course. I don’t pepperspray random people. Never….Never even tried it.

The game looks like its from a few hardware generations back, the graphics aren’t exactly state of the art and the running animation of your officers is rather silly, but I can forgive these since I can pepperspray random….Nooooooo, no. I don’t do that!

You can call upon a host of vehicles to take away the bandits, or an ambulance if there has been an accident.

Drug Dealers, smugglers, thugs, hooligans, thieves, riots, car crashes you name it this city has got it and it’ll be your responsibility. Successfully completing calls and patrols will result in recognition that will eventually lead you to a promotion and a bit more of the city to look after.

Along with your PDA to scan people and your walkie talkies to call for various types of assistance you also have the handcuffs and pepperspray (which I do not abuse *sniggers*) you also get your typical baton and gun should things get a bit more physical. I found that my cop wasn’t particularly strong and was beaten down quite easily (wuss) so I tried my best to avoid getting too physical, though I did suffer a number of fatalities. It’s ok though; once you’re back in the game you can get revenge by pepperspraying…

Overall it’s got more action than Farming Simulator and I have to admit I had more fun as a cop than a farmer.

5 out of 10…. peppersprays?

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