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Boy Loves Girl Review (iOS)

Boy loves Girl is a game about, well a boy that loves a girl and his adventure to woo her by collecting the things she likes.

There are 7 worlds to play through; Hills, Town, Market, Desert, Mountain, End of World and the Love Forest but each of the levels within the worlds are short enough for a quick play if you don’t have much time to kill.

The aim of the game is to fly your moon kite and collect smiles as you run across the screen to try and catch your girl (in the case of the first level) and then something she desires( in the case of the second level it’s a gazelle…weird girl).  Naturally being female means she changes her mind a lot…kangaroo anyone?  Of course there are dangers to avoid such as angry clouds that threaten to shatter your dreams.  Sleepy clouds, rockets clouds, rainy clouds, lots of clouds to avoid.

In each level you are given challenges (a bit like Jetpack Joyride) that you can either complete along the way or ignore (though they are not hard by any means), like collecting x amount of smiles or touching x amount of clouds.

The controls are simple.  Swipe up to move your moon kite upwards and swipe down to move it down.  Tapping on objects will cause them to react in various ways, rain clouds will stop raining, bomber clouds will go boom!

The music and sound effects fit nicely into the game and the graphics and animations are almost retro in style.  It’s a charming little game that has you intrigued as to what this girl wants next and more importantly, does she love Boy back?  I won’t spoil that bit for you, go play it yourself to find out.

7 demanding ladies out of 10

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