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Cat Dash Review (iOS)

Love your Lolcats and I Can Has Cheezburgers? Then this App might just be the dangly plaything so satisfy your playful needs. It won’t scratch your belly however; you’ll need to get your owner to do that for you.

Playing as one of 3 possible kitties you get to dash down an endless corridor dodging various household objects while collecting your fish and catnip.
Each cat has it’s own special abilities and characteristics.

Dash seems to be your middle of the road easy cat of choice. By collecting catnip you have the chance to get the famous “Lime Hat” that is used to shield him from damage. Flash is, as you would expect, quicker than Dash but is also more fragile; perhaps geared to the more experienced and talented player to add a bit more challenge. Catnip for this young feline has the chance to recharge your energy (very handy as she takes double damage due to her fragile nature). Finally, Smash is by far my favourite, described as a morbidly obese cat. He has trouble avoiding obstacles so instead can just eats everything in his path and then vomit it back out to knock down even more to clear his (rather wide) way. The catnip will give your cat one of four powerups so it won’t always be the one I mentioned above.

In the top left of the screen is of course the cheeseburger. Meat represents your health and the veg represents your energy. Tapping the screen will cause your kitty to either jump or suck up all in it’s path depending on who you choose and this action uses up energy so you can’t just pick the fat cat and eat your way through the whole level (trust me, I tried).

Options for controls are press, touch and tilt. I’ve been using the touch control, so you’re basically sliding your cat back and forth along the screen. It can be quick hard to get your cat right to the edge, sometimes having to lift your finger to drag again. Tilt controls work as you would expect. If you were accurate at tilting then it’s fine but if you’re like me your cat will just fly to each extreme. The Press controls put a paw at each side of the screen and if you didn’t know how to work that then Ceiling Cat will ensure your punishment.

Interestingly, you can switch from landscape to portrait mode though I found that on occasion in portrait mode when sliding my cat from left to right it caused the iPhone Notification Centre to appear and the game simply paused making this a bit of a distraction. I did however prefer the portrait view as it was more top-down and therefore easier to see what was coming up ahead.

Quick Modes gives you a 2 minute time limit to get as high a score as possible. Normal mode has 10 levels and different backgrounds (hmm does the rainbow hall remind you of anything?) which get increasingly harder, faster and have more obstacles and less powerups as you go on. Endless mode is described as “A nice casual stroll down the hallway”.

This is a great little app if you like your cat memes. While the game mechanics are simple, when the difficulty gets ramped up you’re in for a real challenge. You might pick this game up intending to play for just a few minutes but it sucked me in as if Smash was targeting me himself!

There really isn’t anything to fault with this game. Since there are 3 control options, 3 cats and 3 modes you are bound to find a combination that suits you…. unless you don’t like cats….. in which case you’re just plain weird.

9 meows out of 10

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