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Golden Joysticks Results 2011

*The results are now all in!*

I’m just going to post my unfiltered reactions. Feel free to pile on in the comments!

Winner for best Mobile game is Angry Birds Rio
What, really? All about the cash. Cha-ching!

Winner for best Action/Adventure is: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Yup, I’ll go with that. Not stunningly original though.

Winner for best RPG is: Fallout New Vegas
Wow. Bad call. Witcher 2 surely? Even Dragon Age 2 was better.

Winner for best MMO is: World of Warcraft
No way! Wait, that’s totally obvious.

Winner for best Fighting is: Mortal Kombat
Yay! Well justified! See here.

Winner for best Racing is: Gran Turismo 5
I guess. *Yawns*

Winner for best Sports is: FIFA 11
You lose again Konami.

Winner for best Strategy is: StarCraft II: WOL
Its a Blizzard love-in!

Winner for best Music is: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
That’s the one! That’s the one right there that will make everyone say “What the fuck!”

Winner for best Free-to-play: League of Legends
Some love for LofL! Nice.

Winner for best Downloadable: Minecraft
Sneaks in for this year by coming out of Beta even though it has been available for ages.

Winner for best Shooter: COD: BLOPS
Wow. Just wow. Next time you complain about the games press overrating games, just look at what gamers themselves vote for.

Winner for One To Watch: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Fair nuff. Surprised EA didn’t murder people to make sure BF3 won this.

Winner Innovation of Year: 3DS

Winner Outstanding Contribution: Sonic
Oh……..balls. What the fuck!!

Winner Ultimate Game of the Year: Portal 2
I guess.

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