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Dungeons – The Dark Lord Review (PC)

Do you hate those smug heroes? Always showing off the treasures they stole from some poor dead guy’s tomb. Ever wished you could torture them and steal their soul energy? If the answer is ‘yes’ Dungeons – The Dark Lord is for you….and you may be psychotic.

In the single player campaign you play as some evil dudes who are looking to overthrow the Dark Lord who has become drunk with power. The start of the game is very thick with Lord of the Rings references which, to be honest, are not really funny.

Nice and cosy.
Nice and cosy.

The main bulk of the game play is centered around your dungeon. It looks and feels very like Dungeon Keeper the way you carve out hallways and rooms from the rock. Your aim is to build your prestige by pimping it out with horrifying items. To buy these items you need the soul energy drained from the bodies of the heroes who visit your dungeon in search of treasure and glory.

You can place a variety of mob spawners, treasures as well as creating libraries and armories to entice heroes further into your lair. Once their soul energy has charged up it is time to knock out the heroes and drag them to your jail cells where they can rot till they die.

More dungeons
Now in green!

I tried to join a multiplayer game and couldn’t find any going, I also tried to create a multiplayer game just to try it out but couldn’t find a way to make it an internet game and not local network. There are three game modes you can play multiplayer with up to four players. As I couldn’t try it out you may as well just check out the Dungeons website for more details.

Dungeons feels polished and looks good but I found the dungeons a little too small and it gets repetitive quickly. For this type of game play and humor I would still pick Evil Genius every time.

6 poisonous scorpions out of 10

Article by Alec Harley

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