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Defenders of Ardania Giveaway

When we recently looked at Defenders of Ardania, our top previewer dude Aeacus said “If you like tower defences or you’re just looking for a fairly easy going game with some great humour, this is definitely a game to keep an eye out for”. Sounds good to us!

The lovely people at Paradox have sent us out FIVE Beta codes for this exciting title! Thanks to Boel and the whole of the Paradox crew, make sure to follow them on the twitters and visit them with your internets.

With a big update coming out today you don’t want to miss this.

To get a copy simply post a comment below. In one sentence, tell us what the ultimate defence would be in a tower defence game. Something like shark commando with a nuclear bomb, Master Chief with a BFG, Robocop with a super Mario invincibility Star, be creative and be original, but above all be quick! The first five answers win a code to be retrieved on Steam straight away. Get to it!

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