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Meteoric Download Manager Review (iPhone)

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As Google increases its foothold in the mobile domain, it is increasingly the shortcomings of Apples software as much as its hardware that is pushing consumers towards its biggest rival. With the painfully restrictive iTunes being the only method to add or remove content from their mobile devices, Apple users can only look on in envy at their friends as they copy files and media back and forward with relative impunity on their devices. The fact that the simple act of moving a file from your computer to your phone and vice versa is not possible on a modern device when it is possible on first generation MP3 players is staggering.

With such a situation existing, Apple users have to download a series of Apps to try and achieve the same level of basic functionality as their Google rivals. The most popular Apps like Dropbox actually add useful features as well as allow the basic functions that Apple phones lack. Meteoric Download Manager is just such an App.

The basic functionality of a download manager is present in MDM. It can grab files from web pages easily, or you can manually enter a URL to grab a file. The integrated web browser is decent enough and offers an option to download a media when present on a given page. It will intercept any videos you play at the start and ask if you want to download a copy and it automatically handles any files you start downloading. There’s options for queuing and prioritising your downloads and the whole thing is pretty robust.

The interface is a little ugly and by necesity the number of advanced options available mean they are a little small when squeezed onto one screen. This is more of a problem on older 3G and 3GS’s where the lower resolution also makes everything harder to read. Despite this, the interface is simple enough and the whole thing is fairly slick. Extra features like Firefox interaction round out the package nicely too.

Of course there are many arguments for why having a download manager is less essential than ever before. With more and more applications stored in the cloud, local copies of files are generally useful rather than essential. Still, for those worried about poor connections or who just want to make sure they have the new Lady Gaga video available at their fingertips, MDM is a good App.

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