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Creavures Review (PC)

Creavures instantly caught my attention with it’s glowy neon feel…Ooooh SHINY!

Its in the style of a Platformer where you get to switch between various characters in order to make your way from one end of the forest to the other. Encounters with bad bugs and other obstacles mean you need to combine the special abilities of the different characters in order to make your way across, over and under, collecting essence in order to restore the forrest.

By far my favourite character was Pokey, a porcupine who’s special ability was to shoot spikes from his back. Though every character has it’s own little personality and the way they move, Pokey had a slightly grumpy feel to him which I liked. The music was very much background and I found it all rather soothing and relaxing.

I have read that the game can be a little buggy but personally I didn’t experience any issues playing the game. The only thing that bothered me was when you take one character so far into the level, then you have to go back and get the other to catch up before you can continue on. Its a bit like going back for the wounded soldier, the character that you currently don’t play just stands there until you switch and move him/her yourself. Naturally that’s like playing each level twice, although if you are sensible you will move in stages with each one as you, sometimesbe required to swing on the tail of your buddy to make it across a hole cos you’re too fat to jump far enough (poor Pokey).

CreaVures just oozes gorgeousness and glowiness and it’s just a joy to look at all the time. The game might be a little short, but it’s certainly beautiful the whole way through.

A luminous 7 out of 10!

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