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5 games that won’t let you down even when people do

*Our most talented young writer Alex lists the games that are more reliable than people*

Ok i’m starting with the last first.

5. Lips/Singstar

Reason 1- You can sing long sad and depressing songs.

Reason 2 – Your own horrible singing will cheer you up and make you smile

4. – Guitar Hero/Rockband

Reason 1 – You will be so deeply concentrated on beating Through The Fire and Flames on Expert that you’ll have no time to worry about the problems of the rest of the world.

Reason 2 – You get to play songs which make you look bad-ass (well in your head anyway). Who can be miserable while playing the guitar solo from Crazy Train?

3. Mirror’s edge

Reason 1 – The feeling of freedom you get as you run around on roofs and do impossible jumps in a beautiful future world will put everything else in perspective.

Reason 2 – When you get tired of all the freedom and beauty, the fighting moves are really good… and you can picture the person who betrayed you in pain.

2. Borderlands

Reason 1 – When you are frustrated there’s nothing better than entering a cartoonish world with gorgeous visuals and a variety of weapons to kill people. As you use the over eight billion weapons combinations (approximately) you can picture whoever annoyed you being shot or, if you prefer an eagle ripping his/her face off. Additionally you can run them over and make money (in the game).

Reason 2 – You can go online and count on a stranger to have your back. Nothing says companionship like murdering Skags together, and in any multiplayer game like Borderlands, its amazing how often your online friends will be there for you when the others let you down.

And Number ONE…..

1. Mortal Kombat 9

For this I will give you just one major reason:

You get to kill people/creatures in the best way possible and THEN you can do a fatality to finish them off. You get punching bags without actually punching and you get to pretend you do that to your “friend”. There is nothing in this world as satisfying as a Fatality at the end of a tough day.

*Thanks for reading Alex’s list. Let us know if you agree disagree, or have your own suggestions in the comments.*

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