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The Fish Dies In The End Review (iPhone/iPad)

The Fish Dies In The End is a very cute and simple game. Your goal is to get the fish as far as possible before dying using the touch screen to float upwards and releasing to move downwards. As you move you have one goal, to simply avoid the enemies. There is no end to the level…or at least I never reached one if it does exist.

My first impression was that it was like the underwater levels of Mario games. I always hated them and was terrible at them, but this experience was much more pleasurable.

The music is repetitive and very addictive. I loved it. The music changes and become more sinsiter when you enter the more dangerous areas containing sharks. Your fish is ever so cute and get a particularly worried look on his face the more health he loses.

Depending on the difficulty you play you can get power ups to help you out a little.

I enjoyed the humour when I did eventually die “no fish were harmed in the making of this game”, however this could have been pushed a little more. “Your fish is off to a better place” could have easily been turned in a batter place, however this is certainly not the time and plaice for fish puns. Cod only knows I’d only take them too far.

It is very easy to get totally absorbed in the game since you need to keep your eyes on the screen the whole time. A warning to those who play your iPhone games on the train, you may very well miss your stop! It has yet to wear fin with me, even though my highscore must be pretty pitiful, one might say it’s eely bad.

If anyone says this game is boring then they are bass-ically talking pollocks and I highly trout they made it to the sharks; on your pike noobs. In my opinion it is well worth the price tag, not even 2 squid and I am hooked. Don’t be shellfish, get this game and share it with your friends!

I had better stop carping on about this or I’ll give you all a haddock so I will fin-ish by giving this a swimmingly good…

9 pun-tastic fish jokes out of 10

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