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CalmDownTom Birthday Party – See all the beautiful people!

This weekend we had the CalmDownTom one year birthday party. We did a live podcast, which though chaotic, basically worked.

From there we had a videogame quiz. What is Mario’s second name? Can you name all the playable characters in the first Mortal Kombat? Why is “Tails” called “Tails”? How well would you do when faced with such questions?

The winners got a whole stack of games as well as CalmDownTom T-shirts and other nonsense.

I also got the chance to pose with a whole bunch of people in CalmDownTom T-shirts. The merch store – coming soon!

At this point I’d just like to thank everyone who has helped at the site. First of all, the team. That’s Ealiom, Gnarley Harley, Lapsed Gamer, Andy, RaveChimp and ShitBear. Thanks also to Samus (Chrissy) for our banners and logos and all her support getting the site started.

I’d also like to thank newer members Eresin (for art and podcast contributions), Aeacus (new reviewer), Nikola (new reviewer), Matt (guest reviewer from OfInterestToMe), Neomort, ThumperNats, Alex, Holly and Chaotic. Welcome aboard!

Thanks to Phil and Brian for running the other two great Scottish games websites.

Thanks to Boel at Paradox and the folks at JustFun for being our favourite PR folks this year.

Thanks to everyone who came along on the night and helped us celebrate.

Finaly, sorry if I missed anyone. The last Thank You goes to everyone else who comes here and reads. That means you! Thank you CalmDownTom fan, we love you!

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