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Block Breaker 3: Unlimited Review (iPhone)

At its most basic level the Block Breaker series could be considered a Breakout clone. It has nonetheless been fantastically successful and yet another example of how Gameloft can take established gametypes and create generic but well polished versions that appeal to hardcore gamers and casuals alike. Here, our newest reviewer Alex takes us through her experiences with the latest in the series.

Upon first starting up Block Breaker 3, my expectation was that i would have to move my finger left to right and make sure the ball bounces off my little floating pad. More than the controls though, the first thing that made an impression on me was the music. Although you might think it would get you in a block breaking mood, after dying several times times on level seven the music became so annoying that the mute button was essential.

At the beginning I found the whole experience overwhelming because there were a lot of items falling down. The game makes it clear which are bonuses and which ones you need to watch out for (like falling drinks). Early on it was all happening so quickly that I couldn’t make out which ones I should take and which ones I shouldn’t. Once I became accustomed to the rules of the game and was feeling a bit confident playing a floating jelly stole my ball. That’s right I said a floating jelly. I was really confused when that happened. I really didn’t expect that to happen and I didn’t really like it.

There is also a story to the game. You are challenging people to break bricks. For each person you challenge there are 12 levels you need to complete and then there is a level where you have to defeat a boss. That’s right a boss. The first boss you defeat is a giant dripping floating jelly. Nope, I am not stoned or drunk thank you for your concern.

As each game progresses there is a point where there are just far too many things going on. Like a Christmas tree that’s been overdecorated to the point that you can’t see the tree from the decorations, there’s simply too much built around the central gameplay. There are so many bonuses and then there is a story to the game and then there is a boss. What happened to just breaking the blocks and making sure you don’t miss the ball?

The game costs 0.59p and I really wouldn’t pay that. If it were free there would be less to complain about. You also have the opportunity to buy special bonuses which can cost up to £11.99. I wouldn’t buy 275 ball absorbers for £12. I don’t even know what exactly they do. Luckily you can buy not-so-special bonuses with the money you earn playing the game.

The main issue for me was the controls. I wasn’t good at controlling it by rotating my iPod. I found quite challenging because every little move I made also moves the bat. The good thing was that you can change the controls by touching the bat and that’s a little more intuitive, but still not great.

So how did I enjoy the game? Well in general the game was good for me to play while shopping or waiting for my friend to try on clothes or when I was watching a movie during the ads… but I don’t think that it is a game I would buy.

5 blocks badly busted out of 10

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