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Create a Monster HD (iPad)

My iPad and I have only recently begun our relationship so I am rather enthusiastic about any app that I get but Create A Monster HD was something different.


Create A Monster is just that, an app where you can create your very own monster, or many monsters if you desire…and I did.  In fact I ended up making 13 monsters before putting it down to write this review.  You create your monster piece by piece, picking a head shape then eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and other accessories you feel like slapping on.  Think a virtual Mr. Potato Head but with so many more options and colours and more amusing outcomes.  Pieces can be resized, rotated and mirrored and most can have their colours changed too.  The possibilities are almost endless with that you can create, and there appears to be no limit as to how much you put on your monster!

The first monster I made was quite a simple one, clearly holding back my creativity for fear of what I could invent.  I choose the head and placed too eyes and while I was scrolling through my choice of noses I got quite a surprise when my monster blinked at me.  At first I thought I had imagined it, so I waited.  It did it again, this monster with nothing but 2 eyes blinking at me.  I thought it was amazing that my monster was coming alive before I even finished it!


When you finish your monster it goes into a gallery (like a Monster Hall of Fame) where you can share via Facebook, Twitter or email your weird and wonderful creations!  I can imagine that this is mainly aimed at children but I loved it, you can let your imagination run as wild as you like.  You can whip up a monster in a matter of minutes or you can spend much longer creating something special so it’s great for a quick fix but also for passing a bit more time while.  Create A Monster makes really good use of the space the iPad has and the controls are straightforward to use if you do the quick tutorial, and if you don’t (which my partner didn’t) you get the hang of it pretty quick anyway.

This app is fantastic and I would highly recommend it because you never know when you’re going to need to make a monster.  Someone bugs you at work, make an evil ugly version of them and giggle away since they have no idea!  Got a long car trip, give this to the kids to keep them occupied and it absolutely will!  Some combinations are suprising in the way they work and I had quite a few giggles at my own makings, so proud I was that I could create something so monsterish!  Now if you don’t mind I have some more monsters to make, one needs ones army don’t you know!

To sum up Create a Monster HD is an absolute gem!  Kids and adults will love it, there is nothing not to love! If you have an inner monster you want to unleash then this is the app for you.

9 fangs, claws and tentacles out of 10

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