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CalmDownTom Birthday Party – Friday 1st July

Yup, we made it a whole year, and in the process around half a million people came to see us. To celebrate, we are having a birthday party tomorrow night. Quizzes, prizes and even a live podcast will all be taking place. Also, copious alchohol and arguments about games…obviously!

If you live in the UK, the party will be in Glasgow. If you want a ticket (and haven’t already been invited) then drop us a message in the comments and I’ll email you back with details. It would be great to see some of our fans come along! Who knows, next year it might be a convention instead of a party!

I’d just like to thank all the contributors to the site as well as the readers. You all know who you are, thanks everyone.

See you all tomorrow!

*Update, the nice people at JustFun sent us a picture of a pink pixie for our birthday. How nice! *

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