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Hilariously bad videogame box art

Many great games have been cruelly overlooked because of terrible box art while many others have been successful in spite of it. Here’s my selection of some of the very worst.

In a world of windmills, there is only one rule. Run!

Sticks and stones WILL break your bones...while faces look on sadly

They took away his thumb, now he's taking it all back...and taking them down!

Fear has a new name, terror has a new face...the nightmare never ends. Its Cheggers time!

When an ordinary man fails, you call the MEGA man

Mage Man: now he just wastes fuckers with a pistol

The Cenobites are back.....with a new game

Babies blowing bubbles with glasses on and the game is in the glasses. Uhhh.....Yeah!

Bomber men so bomber-iffic they looked nothing like regular Bomber men

He only wanted three things out of life: bitches, beer and his board

Strider: words cannot describe the power....nor can pictures

Only one man was brave enough to stand up and fight for the freedom of all the people of green-orange world!

BANJOS! In Phalanx there are no banjos

You just stepped onto the turf of the two baddest motherfuckers in the whole world

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