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Top 5 games more gay than Dragon Age 2

You may have seen the utterly ridiculous complaints made by fans of Dragon’s Age 2 that the game is “too gay“. Accusing games of failing to satisfy the straight male market is a bit like those idiots who say the most discriminated-against group in western society are middle-aged white men. While literally thousands of games depict hideous, over-sexualised caricatures of women, very few depict gay men in anything but childish or actively offensive ways. While I wasn’t a massive fan of Dragon’s Age 2, I applaud the designers for trying to cater to an audience that has been cruelly overlooked in mainstream games releases.

Dragon’s Age 2 gives you many romantic options that you are free to pursue (or not) as you desire. Claiming that this one game over emphasizes the homosexual market is in direct contrast with the number of games that make no concessions whatsoever to gay people. Perhaps if this particular internet commentator was so threatened by having their avatars sexuality questioned then they need to reconsider their own sexual alignment. In order to help them do so, here are five games far more gay than Dragon’s Age 2. Perhaps by playing these games this poor angry “heterosexual” young man can discover some tolerance, or better yet discover new and exciting romantic opportunities of his own.

5. There’s the S&M inspired Voldo of Soul Calibur 4

4. Birdo is a transexual….something

3. Saturday Night Slam Masters features “Bears” “Wrestling”

2. Gorgeous muscle men abound in Ai Cho Aniki

1. Muscle March is….well…..yeah, that’s really gay!

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