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Scottish Game Jam 2011 *Updated regularly*

Sunday 10:00 Check out SquareGo’s excelent article on the Game Jam.
Concepts of Extinction

Saturday 20:30 The Pizza stampede!

Saturday 19:50 The Game Jam podcast is up!
CalmDownTom Game Jam Podcast

Saturday 19:30 More pics from the Scottish Game Jam

Saturday 11:00 Some pics of the CalmDownTom teams work so far

Saturday 09:00 Finally found the Global Game Jam Keynote by Keita Takahashi

Saturday 06:00 A wee video update.

Friday 21:00 Its well under-way now

Friday 16:30 Miami University’s Game Jam Promo


Friday 16:10
Get some more Live Streaming from the Iceland Game Jam.

Friday 14:00 Keynote
Keita Takahashi, Creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby boy is to Deliver the Keynote at the Global Game Jam. The Keynote will appear on Youtube at 4pm (GMT) and I’ll post it here as soon as it goes live.

Friday 12:10 Get the Livestream here:

Friday 12:00 Still only just getting started. Much milling around and lunching.

Friday 11:00 Well it’s all kicking off. There’s a sign and everything now!

Scottish Game Jam Site

Global Game Jam Site

*Check back regularly for updates*

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