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Top 10 best halloween music videos

Time for another quick halloween-inspired top 10. What are the ten best halloween music vidoes that aren’t Thriller? Read on to find out!

10. Couldn’t leave Maiden off the list, just couldn’t do it.

9. Is this halloween-y enough? Well no one would mistake it for a Christmas ballad.

8. A strangelly unnerving video, but beautifully spooky.

7. Although Rob’s overrated as a musician and rightfully ignored as a director, this is his best and the dude sure is committed to halloween.

6. A misfits song with a video directed by George Romero? Liquid, distilled halloween!

5. Puppets are weird. Realistic puppets are weirder. This has realistic puppets and car crashes.

4. Aphex Twin. He makes music and videos, and he builds them out of bricks made of nightmares.

3. Written by a bunch of metal heads staying in a haunted castle. What more do you want?

2. Its all been leading to this. The ultimate nightmare!

1. You are not worthy! I give you the halloween godfather, Alice Cooper.

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