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Links of the day 28th September 2010

EA vs Activision. EA is the new Darth Vader, sure he’s done some bad shit, but you can feel the good in there. Activision’s not just Palpatine bad, they’re Phantom Menace bad!
Round 2…fight!

I’ve had Minecraft on my desktop for some time now, but have barely played it. These videos make me want to change that!

Minecraft trekies!

In the upcoming CalmDownTom podcast we briefly discuss some 40K. This tenuous link allows me to post pictures of Lego Space Marines!
Hopefully cheaper than the real miniatures!

More from John Sweeney on the evils of scientology and why he lost his head in that infamous clip. I saw them in my town a while back with their stress tests. Creepy, evil, insiduous weirdos.
Revisiting scientology

Finally, atheists know more about religion than the faithful. Suggesting the more you know, the more you realise its not true?
I’m a protestant, so why should I care about who this Martin Luther guy is anyway!

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