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We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 11: Stu Aitken and GDC

In this podcast we chat with Stu Aitken of Axis Animations about his studios excellent Dead Island trailer and learn how he came up with the concept. He also discusses his inspirations,Pixar, Marvel, that infamous Killzone trailer and much, much more. We then hear about Lapsed Gamer’s experiences at GDC and discuss who talked sense and who talked nonsense in San Francisco. Finally we look at our personal bugbears in games, none of which are literal bug-bears. With so much discussion of things that annoy us, you know Gnarley-Harley’s going to lose his cool! All of that as well as the usual features like news, debates and drunken tomfoolery.

Me (Tom) on the left and Stu on the right


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