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Zack Zero Review (PC)

Eresin reviewed the PS3 version of this game a while back, but Duke Pepo and Dr Yokki find that as a kids game it works much better!

After a few sad months of game deprivation I again have the pleasure of reviewing a game for Calm Down Tom. This is a joint review, with me (Duke Pepo) and Dr. Yokki. The CalmDownTom father/son team!

zackzero_enemies_cThe game under scrutiny today is Zack Zero developed by Crocodile Entertainment and I have to say it looks strikingly beautiful. The very first glance wins you over. No wonder it was awarded Best Home Console Game and Best Novel Production at GameLab in 2012 with a couple of other awards as well. Its bright, cheery presentation and cartoony theme make it perfect for kids.

Zack Zero is action platform adventure where the main hero (Zack Zero as you may have already guessed) is fighting the evil Zulrog in attempt to free his dear Marlene kept in captivity on Zulrog’s home world. It is not very innovative story idea, but it serves the game very well. The graphics are fantastic and have a 3D appearance which enhances the whole gaming experience. Once the player gets used to the button layout (we played it with keyboard), the game control is smooth and easy. The enemies Zack encounters are challenging and imaginative, but the most interesting part is the Zack’s high-tech suit with its 4 modes (normal, fire, ice and stone). The choice of the right mode adds additional dimension to the gameplay. Using a combination of the powers, some of the levels are more of a puzzle type than action.

Here are Dr. Yokki’s comments about the game (please excuse the spelling mistakes as the good doctor is only 7 years old and I left his review as genuine as possible):

“the game is so good that I woud’nt want to sleep and I would play it all day and all night. you can continuou your game or you coude do a new game too. With 1, 2, 3 and 4 you change into fire, ice, earth and normel. There is no shops and its only you – no helpurs. But its stil cool!”

2117521-6813.zack_zero_imagen.notOverall Zack Zero is very enjoyable game. It didn’t knock my socks off and there’s nothing revolutionary to its basic platformer gameplay, but it is certainly incredibly well made and the presentation and slickness of the whole experience make it very accessible. If anyone has time to spare to play a game with their kids, this one is a great choice as it is entertaining, challenging and BEAUTIFUL. From a child’s point of view this game is “really cool” and adventurous. From parent’s point of view it is really good and safe choice for your children, which will allow you to enjoy few quiet hours away from the little “pests”.

Zack Zero Review (PC), 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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