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Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 2, 3 and 4

Emilia finds that there are more than walkers to worry about

Warning: Contains Spoilers of The Walking Dead season 1 and episode 1 of season 2

Walking DeadSince the long awaited beginning of season 2, a lot has been happening in little Clem’s life. We’ve followed the story of her losing her parents, then losing her ‘adopted’ guardian  (and lead character of season 1) at the end of last season. As well as being left almost completely alone in a brutal world, filled with zombies who will stop at nothing to get to her brains.

But as we already know from season 1, and those who follow the comic books and TV series have seen all too well, the zombies are the least of your problems. And season 2 is demonstrating this beautifully with a big new baddie being introduced, briefly, in episode 1 – Carver.

Walking Dead2Clementine has certainly grown since Season 1 and she’s bad ass as ever. Episode 2 continues the mystery of who Carver is, why did your new group run away from him and why do they avoid telling Clem anything about him, and most importantly why is he after you. Overall, episode 2 does not continue the suspense of episode 1. While episode 1 had its ups and downs for Clem (losing Omid first, and then Krista: finding a cute dog which tries to kill you at the first sight of food… and then finding a new group), episode 2 is a bit slower. Having found a new group, the player can choose how much they can trust them and how much Clem should keep to herself. There is also a big surprise thrown in when Clem finds someone from series 1, which is the highlight of the episode.

Walkers won’t be your biggest problem in Episode 3. However, the game quickly picks up from the start of the next episode. Episode 3 quickly makes up for the lack of action in Episode 2. Having been put in a difficult situation from the very beginning, the story line is intense, action filled, and death and danger are never far away. Clementine is faced with difficult decisions you will have to make, which are most definitely going to affect the rest of the season. Trust is a recurring theme throughout this episode as you will have to figure out where can your place it and who is trustworthy. With plenty of sneaking around, players can be sure they will be sitting at the edge of their seats throughout this episode.

Walking Dead3Walkers are never too far away. Episode 4 continues the suspense and builds on it to a great extent. Immediately from the start you will be faced with some hard decisions. The episode is not short of death and difficulties either, and it will be easy to forget that Clem is still only a child. As in Season 1 of The Walking Dead, you will have to choose who lives and who dies and will be faced with some tough situations which may leave the player with moral dilemmas – something that the story has always been brilliant at introducing.

Although I didn’t like episode 2 much, with that ending I most certainly cannot wait for Episode 5 to come out.

5 Walkers out of 5

Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 2, 3 and 4, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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