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Top Eleven 2015 Review (iOS)

Top Eleven, Facebook’s No. 1 football management game has come to iOS and Android. The app is free to download and if you are one of the 5 million daily users that already have a team set up on Facebook then you just need to log in to carry on where you left off. The trailer for the game features Jose Mourinho. A football management game endorsed by the “Special One”? Surely it must be good?

IMG_0410That depends how you look at it. If you already play Top Eleven or are at least familiar with it then you will want to know the value of having it on iOS. Being able to manage your team on the go on your device will be a big advantage to many players, and everything that you can find on the Facebook version you will find here in the iOS version. The user interface of the app has been designed really well, with a pop out side menu for quick navigation around your club, and sub sections that are a natural side swipe away. It all flows really well and you don’t have to go digging for anything. It has to be said that the iOS UI is better than the Facebook version of the game.

IMG_0415The app has been developed using the Unity3D game engine, which normally gets me excited. However, Top Eleven doesn’t really utilise the power of a game engine in the app, with the only 3D component being the Stadium overview/construction interface. Live matches are simply presented to the player in the form of key event commentary and a UI overview of bookings, substitutes and goals. It really feels as if Nordeus have missed an opportunity here to make something more of their game over the version available through a web browser on Facebook.

Finally you have to consider the games value as a football management sim. Top Eleven is quite different to other football management sims, even from other free-to-play football management games. As it is a free-to-play game there are of course micro transactions available. These come in the form of Tokens which you can use to redeem boosts for your players such as moral, injury recovery and fitness boosts (these boosts can also be gifted to friends through Facebook). The tokens can also be redeemed for straight up cash for your club, but you also HAVE to use them if you want to sign any new players.

IMG_0416If you are bidding for a player live on the market then you need to spend a token to make a bid. You can make a private offer for another clubs player, but to do so will cost you a few tokens. You also have youth players coming in to the team periodically, and you will have a few days to observe them before deciding if you want to spend tokens on them to sign them on. And finally is your scout. He will find you the best players available, and signing them will not only cost you their value, but a whopping 50 tokens! Fortunately you can earn these tokens in game through your TV sponsorship, but this is at a rate of around one token per day.

IMG_0413You get one league fixture a day and these are played at a set time, so you just need to have your team set up to play. You can gain a possession bonus by being online and watching the game when it happens, but certainly for me all the league fixtures are getting played at around half past midnight! You do have the option to change the game time of your home matches, but again this will cost you a few tokens. You will also get fixtures for a cup and, if you qualify, a champions league. When you have a congested fixture list then it’ll be hard to find time to train your players and rest them. Training happens manually, so you have to pick the players you want to train and the level of training, making sure not to tire out any players to the point of injury. On top of all these fixtures you can also arrange friendlies with your Facebook friends.

If this sounds like your type of football management game then dive right in. However, for an iOS football manager there are other solutions out there, especially if you are willing to pay for them. The far more in-depth Football Manager Handheld 2015 from Sports Interactive for example. As for the free-to-play football manager market there are again better options available. Top Eleven really limits the customisation of your club and is a bit too much of a daily grind compared to something like goalUnited from Travian Games. But if challenging your mates on Facebook for the crown of “Special One” is up your street, then Top Eleven 2015 is what you need.

3 overtrained and fatigued players out of 5

Top Eleven 2015 Review (iOS), 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


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