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Toast Time Review (Android)

Toast TimeKieran Sephton is the toast of the games reviewing scene!

Grab a slice of this toasty action with Force of Habit’s Toast Time!

Rest assured that this review isn’t going to have toast-based puns spread around like jam, but they’ll be used sparingly instead.

I will say this, this game is incredibly cute, but not so cute that you’ll vomit rainbows and butterflies (yes Bronies, I am looking at you!).

On launch the game greets you with a very retro Gameboy Mono style soundtrack and a similar graphic style to that as well. Think, pixel art and you’ll get my drift, simple and incredibly effective. The games menu is easy to navigate and each section is clear and straight to the point. One of these sections within the menu leads you to being able to customise the games central character: Terry… Terry the Toaster.

Toast Time 3Yes, that’s right. You play as Terry, also known as Toast Ejecting Recoil and Reload system. We’ll just call him Terry for short though. When I entered this menu, the customisation was only a couple of selections to start, yet when progressing through the games stages you unlock more as you go along. You can change Terry’s headgear, his facial expression and even give him something to hold in his hands! I’ve found that a combination of Top Hat, Monocle and Cutlass works best for me. The customisation combinations are seemingly endless and you can share your own customisation with your friends through the share button, which takes a screenshot of your toasty little buddy and then it’s yours to do with what you want! Facebook it, Instagram it or put it in a frame if you so wish!

Now, let’s get to the gameplay. Does Terry land buttery side down or is breakfast safe in this game?

The answer is, breakfast is truly safe. Toast Time delivers with easy to master controls and truly enjoyable gameplay. I lost track of time playing this game and managed to clear a few stages before realising that I should really be writing notes! Oh crumbs!

All jokes aside, this is exactly what casual gaming should be like. Easy to just sit back and play and lose yourself in that moment. The touchscreen controls are incredibly responsive and compliment the way in which you control Terry. Simply touch where you want Terry to fire his toast and watch Terry ricochet around the screen. Not only does Terry fire single slices of toast but there are other projectiles unlocked through crates.

Toast Time 2These projectiles range from single slices to toasties and baguettes and even harnessing the power of Terry’s heating elements, giving you the opportunity to rain flames on your enemies or fire a laser beam similar to a solar array. The games premise is simple, use Terry to protect the clock and survive the waves of enemy until either the time runs out, or you run out of ammunition. Toast Time also includes a survival mode, which will keep you constantly aiming to beat previous scores, or reattempt with new projectiles and outfits!

Toast Time is another game that joins my exclusive club of mobile/Android/Indie developer games that lead me to this opinion. I, in all honesty, believe that Indie developers are making some of the best games that I have played in a long time, and this is being mirrored on the Android market. In my last Android based review I mentioned how much fun I was having on Asphalt 8 and Force of Habit have given me more faith in this opinion.

Toast Time 1Toast Time truly is a remarkably fun game to play. It’s simple premise, and the controls, graphic style and sound track don’t hinder the game in any way. It shows that games can still be incredibly fun whilst being very simple. I’m not saying that Toast Time is easy and you can blast through each of the levels, because the difficulty level climbs as you progress through each stage with new enemies being encountered along the way.

I really cannot find anything to fault this game with at all. The only issue that I do have was that when minimized into the multitasking of my Nexus 4 it didn’t load as smoothly as other Android based games do on my device, but that may just be my device and no fault of the developers whatsoever.

To conclude, Toast Time is completely bonkers, packed with humour, full of cute levels and charm and is endless amounts of fun!

No landing buttered side down for this game!

4.5 Toasted Slices out of 5

Toast Time Review (Android), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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