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Tanktastic Review (Android)

Kieran Sephton takes the tank battle to his phone

Driver! Get us the hell outta here!

Tanktastic is the mobile gaming equivalent of tank based PvP battles similar to’s already hugely popular World of Tanks. This game features both deathmatch and capture the flag modes to make for variation on gameplay possible. The game is currently still in alpha, and it seems to have taken a similar approach to other developers that are releasing games on Steam, fixing issues and adding content as they go along.


Like in World of Tanks you start with a basic selection of what appears to be a mix of American, British and European tanks and you have the ability to unlock other countries tanks like Russia, China and Japan. With each rank a new tank becomes unlocked and the ability to buy that tank with either the games earned silver credits or the buyable gold credits. As with other microtransaction games there is the opportunity to earn free credits as well as buying them, and the bundles are pretty cheap which is always a good thing when you really want that Challenger 2 or M1A1 Abrams. There’s a decent selection of tanks ranging from WWII period right up to current tanks, and even one that technically isn’t a tank but a CVRT (I’m looking at you FV101 Scorpion) but that’s just me being picky now. There’s enough variety to please everyone within Tanktastic.

Entering a quick match literally drops you into the middle of a fire fight and It’s all go as soon as you have control over your vehicle. Tanktastic covers the screen with icons which explain what everything does, hold the left side of the screen to control where the tank goes and then right side turns your turret and fires the main cannon and even gives you a gunner view for longer ranged shots. One thing that I’ve discovered though is that the gunner view, with the slightest touch will go back out into the outside view and often when you spot an opponent in the distance in outside view and you try to spot him/her in the gunner view you find that you actually cannot see where they are at all. Could be that the line of sight doesn’t match the outside view and that the ridge they’re perched on is higher than you thought.


Being built on the Unity platform has allowed the game to have a decent level of graphic quality and smooth frame rates like you’d expect to have as a necessity within PvP gaming. Having said that, playing this game on my Nexus 4 I find it all well and good having those smooth frame rates, yet the controls don’t match the same rate of smoothness in graphics.


I mentioned that the physical driving of the tank is based around the left side of your touchscreen, yet the controls just don’t work. Or at the very least, not well enough at all. If you want to move your vehicle forward and slightly to the left or right, you can forget it. The control scheme just does not allow for this at all. One movement at a time folks and this makes for highly infuriating gameplay. Even when sat in the more powerful tanks I found that I could kill other people in their higher level tanks fairly easily, but getting into range and position to be able to do this was nearly enough for me to just rage quit. Before those tanks were unlocked, I actually did. I found the game unplayable and I wasn’t having fun with it at all.


I cannot be too hard on this game though, it shows a lot of promise and it is sat in Alpha release stages so hopefully any issues that I have with this game will be noted by the developers and rectified to make for a better experience when playing the game. There’s so much to like about this game, especially if you are a fan of World of Tanks and quite fancy the idea of playing it on your mobile device. Not to worry if you play on an Android tablet or phone and you have friends on Apple equivalents because it seemed as though the game enables cross device battles.

With everything said about this game having promise, the issue of the control system was just something that ruined the entire experience for me, and it is something I would love to see repaired and if this is the case I will happily add an edit onto this review to say just how it has improved.

3 explosive tipped rounds out of 5

Tanktastic Review (Android), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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