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Skyward Collapse Review (PC)

Skyward1Have you ever wanted to play a turn based strategy game against yourself, without directly controlling the units? Have you ever wanted to perpetuate a war without ever letting one side truly dominate the other? Have you ever wondered who would win in a fist fight between Thor and Zeus? (Or why they would be using fists when they can both shoot lightning?) If you have then this game is for you!

Skyward Collapse has you overseeing two civilisations – the Norse and the Greeks – as they develop and ultimately go to war with each other. This is done in a turn-based fashion and presented to you in a strict grid based level structure. Each turn you have up to nine actions to devote to each faction. These actions can be spent either building buildings, attracting godbeasts or even reforming the very land. The trick here is that you have to be careful in your allocation of actions, as to win the game you must perpetuate a war between the two factions without ever letting one destroy the other.

It’s no word of a lie that the game is a very slow starter. You’ll spend more than a few turns at the start just plopping down buildings, then another few watching soldiers slowly spill out of their respective barracks, then a few more watching them crash against each other in tiny skirmishes. In a lot of ways this slow start gives you freedom to experiment however; freedom to see which approaches are optimum for both factions and freedom to find out how to balance your economy. It’s a pretty relaxing pace and a nice way to get yourself used to the game.

SmiteOptionWhileFilteredToBlueThen the gods come out to play.

And all hell is unleashed.

Once you hit a major milestone in Skyward Collapse a God for each faction comes out of the woodworks to aid their side and wreck havoc. These Gods provide you with access to a number of special abilities that often affect the entire map – such abilities include changing half of all the terrain to impassable mountains, to bringing about world peace (far more dangerous to your success than it sounds) to even powering up the neutral ‘bandit’ faction to beastly proportions. These Godly abilities are naturally too tempting to not use, and as such the game gets quickly out of hand.

CloseupNorseTownThe graphics in Skyward Collapse are simple but effective. There’s little to no animation available for you to enjoy, and this is especially unfortunate in the battle sequences where units just bounce off of each other in melee or fire little projectiles across the map as ranged attacks. The graphics themselves are nice enough however. The environment tiles offer a beautiful and lush looking map and the units are often bright, colourful cartoonised versions of their real or mythological selves. Despite the lack of animations you can easily tell all these sprites were a labour of love.

By its very nature, Skyward Collapse feels like a game that offers lots of replay value. There are multiple approaches to building up your factions, there are many special abilities and effects that will perform differently depending on the board set up and there are many gods that will happily jump in and mess things up for you. So many variables mean there are so many things that can go wrong (or right!) over the course of a game, and so many crazy events that you are likely to miss the first time round.

OptionsForResourcesAgainstBlueFor $4.99, Skyward Collapse is well worth a try. There’s enough in there currently to keep you going for at least a few replays, and if you look out on the horizon there’s a couple expansions planned to make the game even bigger. Back on track though, the game’s unique design and strange approach to turn-based strategy gameplay should be enough to deserve your money and your time. Go for it.

4 chaotic god clashes out of 5

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