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Sir! I’d Like To Report a Bug! Review (Android)

In Sir! I’d Like to Report a Bug! you play as Reggie, an average couch potato QA Tester. One day, Reggie starts to notice that his work isn’t staying in the office, and he is faced with a number of glitches on his way to and from work. This is where you come in, helping guide Reggie safely through a number of deadly glitches on what would otherwise be a tedious daily commute.

Screenshot 2Each level in Sir! I’d Like to Report a Bug! is Reggies commute either to or from work. Starting on Monday morning you require little more than observation skills to spot all the glitches, as you need to report them in on arrival at work. But as the week goes on, you will need to use all your jumping skill to avoid lava floors, bottomless pits, angry sun fireballs, killer cars and more. The controls are simple, you can move left or right and jump. There are two button layouts available to you on your device, the default being most like a gamepad and showing the controls on-screen, with the alternative being hidden. A third option of being the default layout, but hiding the buttons would have been beneficial as sometimes the icons can be covering the upcoming obstacles.

Screenshot 4The levels do start to become frustratingly difficult, and with no form of checkpoint, if you die you go right back to home or work, whichever you are travelling from. By Thursday morning you are going to be tearing your hair out, yet the game keeps you hooked well enough to avoid the dreaded rage quit. If you yourself have a daily commute, then you can pretty much play Sir! I’d Like to Report a Bug! in sync with your own work week. Just don’t miss your stop (thankfully I didn’t have far to walk back from the next subway station).

Sir! I’d Like to Report a Bug! was developed by a small team with little to no budget. It started as just an idea that turned out to be fun to play, so they developed it into a full game. It’s available for free on the Google Play Store, and if you like the game and are a general “good guy” then you can make a donation to the developers from within the game itself. In a similar style to Kickstarter, they have post development stretch goals which include new characters and adding a whole extra week to the game.

Screenshot 3One of the stretch goals is that they will release the whole soundtrack. The soundtrack really is one of the games best features, with insanely catchy 8-bit chiptunes. One of the levels is based on Eiffel 65’s “Blue(Da Ba Dee)” and has a 8-bit version of the song mixed with the games main theme in the background. I mean how can you say no to that?

The only qualm to be had with the game is the on-screen controls. However, the developers will soon be releasing an update that adds support for both the MOGA and Xbox 360 controllers, making the game much easier to play, at least when you’re in the house. If you have an Android tablet, and make a regular commute to work/school/uni, then download Sir! I’d Like to Report a Bug! stick on your headphones and prepare to be amused, frustrated, and wholly entertained.

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Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug! Review (Android), 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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