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Rise to Fame Review (Android)

Rise to Fame at first glance it would appear to be a music game, you play as a band around a series of venues hoping to entertain the crowd. But its genre is in actual fact an RPG. During the gig you chose to use the band members skills to either entertain the crowd or protect band members from negative effects from the crowd. Anyone used to playing MMORPG games will be familiar with the concept, but rather than controlling a single specialised character, you are in control of four band mates, each with their own specialisation.

RTF1Naturally there are a number of different skills for each character to unlock and purchase. Each character can only have three skills active at any time, so you have to find the balance that suits you best. The guitarist and singer are full of crowd satisfying abilities, while the drummer acts more like the traditional Tank and the bass player as the healer. Again, anyone familiar with their MMORPGs will instantly see the resemblance of the skill sets. Unfortunately, they will also be familiar with the grind involved in unlocking skills, but this just doesn’t work in Rise to Fame. This is a game that you are playing on your phone, probably only playing one or two gigs in a session, with not a huge amount of cash gained from each gig. The cost of unlocking the skills, along with the new arenas and equipment for your band members just doesn’t add up. You’ll be left either wanting for skills because you bought a new venue, or bored of playing the same gig because you decided it would be awesome to unlock the crowd surf skill.

RTF4For a game based around a music band, the music itself isn’t exactly spectacular. The best piece is probably the menu music whilst you are browsing skills, equipment and selecting your next gig. You do get to select which song to play at each gig, based on the venue you play, but the songs aren’t exactly unique or appealing. During the gig, when you activate band members skills, you will lose that track from the song and as you will mostly be pulling skills from the guitarist and singer, you will end up hearing a fairly bare track. It could be better if it was done more like star power on Guitar Hero, when a skill was activated it just amplified that particular part of the song. The effects they do use for the skills make sense, but it ruins the concept of the band playing a song coherently.

Rise to Fame will at first seem like quite a cool idea, but you will very quickly find that the grind in this RPG is a long and painful one, and you’ll come to the realisation that you’d rather put the hours into [insert your favourite MMO/RPG here].

2 bras thrown at the singer out of 5

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  1. Profile photo of Mike O'Raw
    Mike O'Raw says
    12/10/2013, 7:02 PM

    See, I actually fancied this one. That’s a shame :(

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