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Pro Pinball: Timeshock Review (iOS)

Pro Pinball is a nice wee pinball game that actually has a huge amount of depth to it once you get into it. I’ve been playing it for a while and I still don’t understand it fully. There’s a number of ramps and a few lamps to light and a big warp drive in the middle to aim for. Different preconditions lead to different effects of hitting that target, but it can lead to changing the timezone or continent that you are playing in as well as other bonuses. Hitting one of the ramps right also stores away the ball. Save up three of them and they’ll be unleashed for some multiball madness.

IMG_0576Unfortunately, for a colourblind person the table looks really flat. This may not be an issue to those with the affliction, but for me it’s a bit of a big deal. The whole table looks really green and it’s hard to see what’s going on, which maybe accounts a little for my overall understanding of the table. The lights are mostly red and yellow, so the spectrum is fairly small. However, when you get that warp into a different timezone, the table lights up with a spectacular display, and the lighting effects and reflections from the glass of the table are all really impressive. Again though, the screen at the back of the table occasionally shows up an animation, but I couldn’t honestly tell you what of.

At first Pro Pinball was very frustrating. While trying to play on novice you get a fairly long period of “ball-saver” mode where if you lose the ball another launches straight away. However, you do only get one ball so once the ball-saver has expired and you drop the ball then the game is up with, more than likely, a meager score. Surprisingly I had a lot more fun switching it to normal mode, and was able to rack up a bigger score.

Then I found the options. From the menu you can change a lot of the settings of the table, including the number of balls that you have to play with in each mode. Once this was cranked up then I found myself actually having an adventure on the table, advancing timezones and traveling around different continents, all for a leaderboard worthy score.

IMG_0577Another great option hidden away in the menus is the option to remove the glass. This allows you to not only use the flippers by tapping either side of your iPads screen, but you can also use your finger as a magnet and effectively drag the ball around wherever you please. This gets a bit more interesting if you end up in a multiball phase, but it also offers you a solid way to fully explore the features of the table. A lot of fun can be had with this mode.

While the game can be daunting, and it’s not particularly colourblind friendly, it is a lot of fun when you get into it. Some of the UI buttons are a bit of an overstretch on the iPad (they would probably be ok on an iPad Mini) but other than that it’s very comfortable to play. Once you get the hang of the table, enough to get those big scores, then you will be fully enjoying Pro Pinball and it’s spectacular light show.

3 balls magno-saved out of 5

Pro Pinball: Timeshock Review (iOS), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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