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No Time To Explain Review (PC)

Not Time to ExplainOk, so No time is brilliant and manic, go buy it. That is all… Nah I am Just kidding, and I shall explain why.

The game is brilliant, it will keep you on your toes guessing what is going to happen next. So the first Boss (if you can call them bosses, because I am not sure you can die, at least I didn’t even though I got hit by 4 Nukes) was a Space Crab Dude. I am assuming he is a space crab anyways, because he had a spaceship. I say had, because I destroyed it with my awesome laser gun of destroying things and also boosting me up as I jump. If you think this paragraph is hard to follow, try playing the game. No seriously TRY IT!

The game is broken up into sectors, and the sectors can be visited in any order as long as they have been unlocked. You have to open each sector by shooting it with your laser that you picked up from “future you”. That’s right: future you. He came back to help you, but he got scooped away by space crab dude. What a loser, right? Well he doesn’t become much better help even after you rescue him. Yeah a twist, waaay better than one of M. Night’s!

Not Time to ExplainAnyway, you carry on with this pattern of going through each sector unlocking the story and also trying to unlock hats for some reason. On some sectors you get to use a different weapon/launcher. By launcher, I mean it propels you through the level. The weapons are great: an awesomely huge laser which works more like a jetpack, a grenade launcher that launches you like a rag doll and a psychic power that you only get when you’re crazy, but it works like an elastic band, sort of…

The music for the game is also fun and upbeat; you can even make your character do a funky wee dance by holding space. There is even an achievement for dancing through the first boss battle. This should show how lighthearted and laidback the game is.

During the game you will undoubtedly die, countless times, in hilarious but infuriating fashion. Not from boss battles though (they can usually be won by standing in one place and pointing that laser at ‘em). So the game is definitely going to annoy you, but it does make it all the sweeter when you finally get past a level within a sector and you’re like “BOOYA!”.

Not Time to ExplainThe game is fun and not too serious about anything. You kind of work the story out as you go, because there is a “bearded you”, who flies what seems to be one of Dr. Robotniks flying machines. Anyone familiar with any TV show should be able to follow that. The Bearded You does look badass flying though. I heavily recommend this game, as it is extremely enjoyable and with all those hats and brilliant achievements it is most definitely replayable.

4 Evil bearded yous out of 5

No Time To Explain Review (PC), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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