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Name It! Review (iOS)

The answer to triviality…so they say. Let’s take a look then shall we?

Abbreviations, acronyms and symbols, shortened to AAS, is what this new title is all about. How well do you know your AAS from your elbow?

1_960x640So here’s how it goes: you pick your avatar, then enter round 1.

Round 1 is where you match up the AAS with the clue at the bottom of the screen. After 10 questions you will be shown which ones you got right. Then it’s time for round 2.

Round 2 brings forward the AAS you previously got correct. You then need to assign them to one of eight categories. Categories such as Entertainment and Popular culture, or Science and Tech Stuff. Once you have assigned them all, you will be shown which of those you got right. Moving swiftly on to round 3. So you can see you start off with about 15 AAS and you end up eliminating those you got wrong (if any).

Round 3 once again brings forward the AAS you got correct from round 2. Your job here is to pick one and then answer 10 questions about it or relating to it. You then pick another AAS, until you have answered 10 questions on all the AAS you brought forward to this point. You can choose to end the round manually after any AAS without picking more AAS, this will of course results in a lower score at the end.

After all that you then enter the Lightning Round where you have 45 seconds to answer 10 true or false questions based on random AAS.

2_960x640All rounds are timed so you can’t dilly dally and go looking up Google (not that you need to). You also have the option after each round to change the speed mode if you find things are too easy or too hard.

There are three different speed modes: “I’ll give it a try (recommended for beginners)”, “I’ll hold my own”, and “The timer’s got nothing on me.” The difference being that each harder level is about 30 seconds shorter for each round.

There is also a feature called Power Lines which you can use during a round. It’s a great way to “electrify your score” *groan*. You can add 15 seconds to your timer if you really need it. Doing this costs 15 REMs (you start with 100), of course with the delights of in-app purchases you can buy more REMs if you so desire.

It’s a real shame there are only 2 packs available to begin with as I feel that just a few more extra packs would suck you in enough to make you want to buy more. Of course it’s the ideal expandable model as they can add as many extra packs as they want to fill any category gaps.

5_960x640Maybe I’m just a giant smarty pants, but I found the questions a little on the easy side. If they maybe threw in some harder ones I’d be more inclined to buy more question packs as I’d feel like I’d be paying for a challenge, but right now I don’t want to pay for easy questions. There doesn’t seem to be any preview of these extra game packs either, nor are any prices displayed on the screen. What exactly am I buying? How much am I paying? These are not the questions you want your gamers/customers to ask because they won’t seal the deal if there is that much uncertainty.

I also noticed there was no navigation back from speed mode screen to the pick a game screen. A minor thing but from my QA days this kind of thing really bugs me.

Overall it feels like this game was thrown together quickly. It has the potential to be really challenging and fun, but it just misses the mark by being too easy with not enough game packs to try out. To add to this, you just don’t get enough time to develop a real sense of enjoyment before you are very quickly put in a position where you have to decide if you want to spend money to get more from Name It! More game packs to start with and harder questions mixed in would make this a pretty strong competitor for space on my iOS devices (FYI it’s available for both iPhone and iPad). It’s the kind of game which can be easily expanded upon so let’s hope it’s the route forward they want to take.

2 AAS remembered out of 5

Name It! Review (iOS), 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


  • http://calmdowntom.com/members/eresin/ Eresin

    It is free to download, so I guess it’s worth a try. It’s just the extra AAS packs costs money

  • http://calmdowntom.com/members/mike-of-glitch-free-gaming/ Mike O’Raw

    Good review. It’s a shame about the game though. I enjoy a wee quiz game every now and then and was considering this one. I may look for something else now