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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review (iOS)

Kardashian5Alex (Noodles) is a young, successful woman. So as the target audience, what does she think of Kim’s new game?

Do you want to become an A-list celeb? Do you want to be followed by thousands of people? Then you should probably go find your talent, get famous and avoid wasting your time on this game.

I should really start by stating that I have never been interested in the Kardashian way of life, but I do consider myself an open minded person and I believe that you shouldn’t always condemn something based on your personal opinion.

Kardashian4So this games aim is to become an A-list celebrity. You do this by going to events to network and mingle with people. You can also date to help you rise in the celebrity rankings. Everything focuses on your image: what you wear, who you are seen with and what you are doing.

The graphics in the game are not too sophisticated, but are ideal for this type of game. Its simple 2D animation with lots of flash photography to demonstrate how fabulous your life is. There is LOTS of Bling.

The music changes frequently depending where you go and even though there is some variety I quickly got sick of it and pressed the mute button (even though it cost me not hearing Kim Kardashians voice).

Kardashian3So the main focus on the game is to become as famous as possible as quickly as you can and collect followers in the process. You attend different events such as fashion shows, photo shoots, dates, commercial filming or club promotions. There is a time limit for every “event” ranging between 1-8 hours. Within each event you complete actions which cost you energy and/or money. With these types of real time games as you can imagine, you run out of energy rather quickly and they try to get you to purchase more energy and you can do this using your k coins (or stars, but they are not to be confused with the stars you collect during the events). Occasionally you get K coins when you complete special tasks or level up. You even have the opportunity to watch adverts for other games which can get you a K coin. You can also sign up for various things which gets you between 20-50 coins depending on what you sign up for or purchase. Or if you can’t be bothered with any of that you can buy them with your real money. Every time you complete an action you get stars or hearts depending on what type of event you are attending and you you need a certain numbers of stars to complete the event successfully, and the more stars you collect the better you do and the more money and experience you get.

KardashianAs I was playing, I struggled morally with the type of message this game is sending to its players and the example it was setting. Everything revolves around your image. The game constantly nags you and tells you how you need to buy new clothes. Before you attend a date your date might throw in a comment such as “It would’ve been nice if you dressed up for our date.” Or the photographer might ask “Do you want to start your photo shoot looking like this?” God forbid you wear the same thing for several events.

You constantly need to change your hair style and get different accessories. When you “interact” with your manager, publicist or anyone else for that matter, they seem completely uninterested in you and they are constantly on their phone being “busy”. Also they game encourages you to become famous but for no particular reason. Just for the sake of being famous. Whenever you need to convince someone to do something for you, you have the choice to use your “charm” or simply ask them. So far I haven’t seen the second option to be successful and I always had to use my charm (which costs K coins). This game is targeted at young girls in their teen years, that I know can behave and act socially. It brings out the shallowness and vanity in its players. Yet again, this game doesn’t appear to be the type to transmit a powerful, positive message to its players. I might just be reading too much into this….

Kardashian2Overall for the type of game that it is, this has been developed decently. The graphics and sound effects are good enough – I didn’t have high expectations and I’m sure Kim Kardashian fans would be over the moon for her personal voicing. The advertisement was not subtle at all with the pop up adds coming up every two minutes. This can really ruin the playing experience overall as well as the waiting you have to do to gain energy.

2 (K coins) out of 5

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