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Kick Ass 2 (PC) Review

Stuart asks if Kick Ass 2 is as it’s name suggests?

Kick Ass 2 from Freedom Factory, is a comic book game of the Kick Ass 2 Movie. The title has finally arrived on the PC scene. Has the long wait allowed the game to be further developed? Or has the premise grown stale?

Kick Ass 2 graphicsWell, on looks alone this game is pretty decent. The nice shading around the characters has been seen in previous Freedom Factory games such as Bloodbath, but it suits the Comic book genre a lot better. That being said, a lot of the gore in this game looks like it also came straight from Bloodbath as you are able to do some unique finishing moves on your foes to add a bit of spice to the combat.

Speaking of combat, it is incredibly repetitive and easy to predict. You play as Kick Ass using your batons to smack the face off many an enemy. But you are also able to kick and counter. That’s about it really, the combat is slow and the enemies don’t attack you in as realistic a fashion as I would have thought. I mean these are bad guys and they all appear to be waiting their turn for me to crush their skulls in. The combat usually requires, a baton attack, a counter and then a baton attack. Rinse and repeat, for your sure fired way to victory.

Kick Ass 2 Taken OutBy far my biggest gripe with this game is the voice acting. I don’t know if they added it to give it a more realistic feel to the game, but all it achieves is a headache with you wondering who they paid to do the voices. This is up there with my least favourite voice acting in any game. As it’s a comic book game, there are subtitles for every chat, but when talking on the phone there are humorous Action text, such as “BLAH BLAH BLAH”. These nice touches to the game were far better than the poor voice acting. I truly believe the game would be a lot better if you didn’t have to listen to the witty repartee.

The animations for the final attacks are long and get tiresome pretty quickly. You may enjoy them the first few times but it does wear thin at an alarming rate. You are held hostage as you watch Kick Ass break someones arm, or choking someone out. Unlike games such as Sniper Elite 3, these can’t be skipped. You are at the mercy of the game, but so too are your opponents who just watch helplessly as you take out each one. If this final attack was left to just the final opponent, then it wouldn’t be so bad.

Waiting their turnThe game could do with a few improvements to the combat to try and keep it varied. It could also let you play as Hit girl, as she would be a lot faster than Kick Ass in fights. Maybe allowing for you to switch between the two and allow AI or another player to take control of the other one. There doesn’t really seem to be any way to vary the game at the moment. You are forced along a linear path that is only broken up by an enemy encounter. The backgrounds may change a bit, but the gameplay is just repeated.

The game does have one way it attempts to keep you coming back. That is in it allowing you to graffiti over previous graffiti. Think GTA: San Andreas style, but with less guns and more spandex. These are never hard to find however, they just take you off the beaten track a little. It would require a completionist to try and do this though, as it doesn’t offer much in the way of rewards to the player. Aside from obvious bragging rights.

Previous comic book games have been able to capture the heart of the story and allow the player to live a few days of the life of their favoured superhero. Kick Ass 2 the game, is trying to be as realistic as Kick Ass is himself. The combat is heavy and looks like it actually taking energy, the banter between yourself and NPCs is as cringe worthy as you can imagine and the story seems to tie in well enough with reality. However, I would say that without the leap to full fantasy the game is lacking a certain sparkle that other superhero games just seemed to exude. As a game, in it’s own right and away from the Movie that it is linked (by name), this is an ok game. I wouldn’t say it is is worth it’s current asking price but it may be one to look out for on sale. The game could be so much more with a little extra work though. The combat and poor voice acting are just too much for me to seriously recommend the game.

2.5 Self Taserings out of 5

Kick Ass 2 (PC) Review, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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